The flat cap or bonnet
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The “Flat Cap” or Bonnet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The “Flat Cap” or Bonnet. Tutor/Renaissance Flat Cap. The Flat Cap today!.

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The “Flat Cap” or Bonnet

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The “Flat Cap” or Bonnet

Tutor/Renaissance Flat Cap

The Flat Cap today!

The “Flat Cap” can be traced back to 14th century Brittan and Ireland. A 1571 Act of Parliament requiring all men over the age of 6 (except nobility and persons of degree) to wear a woolen cap. This was to stimulate wool sales.


  • At the bottom of your Hamlet notes, please write the following themes:

  • Death, Love, Madness, Revenge, Ambition, and Betrayal

  • Your task is to identify images from the montage (French for put together) which reflect these themes.

  • Now…sit back…relax…and watch these Hamlet themes in ACTION!

  • Jude Law's Hamlet Montage

Hamlet Theme Collage

Betrayal, Death, Madness, Revenge,

Ambition, Love

Shakespeare’s Themes in Hamlet are relevant today!

  • Have you or someone you know ever fallen in love, only to be betrayed? Has a friend betrayed your trust?

  • Turn on the nightly news; almost every night we read about death and revenge (Gang wars, jealous rages). What about our recent infatuation with the “living dead”, vampires?

The Themes are STILL Relevant!

  • Think about the news recently, excessive ambition and greed has brought down corporations (ie. Enron) and executives (Ken Skilling, R. Allen Stanford’s ponzi scheme).

  • Madness is sadly also a part of our society. (Andrea Yates, the insanity defense).

Your task?

  • Analyze, then select modern day images and words from magazines and create a collage that reflects a theme in Hamlet.

  • Revenge

  • Madness

  • Love

  • Death

  • Ambition




Theme Collage Requirements

  • Due: Tomorrow by the end of class.

  • Criteria

    • Creative (Think symbolically!)

    • Fully covers the paper

    • Represents your theme

    • Arrangements of pictures and words are neat and thoughtful.

    • Make this a TEAM effort!

    • Make me say WOW!

    • Think about the Jude Law montage when making your collage. VISUALIZE!

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