Winter sports
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Winter sports. Oprac. Martyna Kryś. Exercise I: Translate into Polish. Chairlift (cze-lyft). Wyciąg krzesełkowy. Unforgettable experience ( anfo-getybul ekspiriens ). Niezapomniane doświadczenie. Pleasant atmosphere ( plezynt atmosfie ). Przyjemna atomosfera. Bobled track.

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Winter sports

Winter sports

Oprac. Martyna Kryś

Unforgettable experience anfo getybul ekspiriens
Unforgettable experience(anfo-getybul ekspiriens)

Pleasant atmosphere plezynt atmosfie
Pleasantatmosphere (plezyntatmosfie)

Operator reserves the right to change prices
Operator reservestheright to changeprices.

Perect conditions perfykt kendyszynz

Top quality slopes top k olyti slo ps
Top qualityslopes(top kłolytislołps)

Exercise ii translate into english
Exercise II: TranslateintoEnglish.

Daily fun programmes dejli fan prougramz
Dailyfun programmes(dejli fan prougramz)

Experienced instructor ekspirienst ynstrakte

Perfect experience perfykt ekspiriens

Good qua lity gud k o lyti
Good quality (gud kłolyti)

5 km s ou th of fajw kylomitez s au f ow
5 km south of..(fajwkylomitezsaufow)

The chech republic d e chek repablyk
TheChech Republic(d*echekrepablyk)

For young and old fo jang end ould
For young and old(fojangendould)

Important competitions ymportynt kompetyszynz

100 km north of an handryd kylomitez norf ow
100 km north of..(łan handrydkylomiteznorfow)

Swimming pool s ymyng pul
Swimmingpool(słymyng pul)

Store equipment sto ek ypment
Storeequipment (sto ekłypment)