My colleagues tool granular mctg tour
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My Colleagues Tool Granular (MCTG) Tour - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Colleagues Tool Granular (MCTG) Tour. September 2008. What is My Colleagues Tool Granular?.

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My colleagues tool granular mctg tour

My Colleagues Tool Granular (MCTG) Tour

September 2008

What is my colleagues tool granular
What is My Colleagues Tool Granular?

  • My Colleagues Tool Granular (MCTG) is a application which provides Cisco Partners/Customers with the ability to actively manage who has access to the Cisco support services provided by their contracts.

  • External Administrators can manage up to 500 contract numbers using My Colleagues Tool Granular.

  • External Administrators who want to manage more than 500 contact numbers should use My Colleagues Tool Aggregate. More information on Aggregate can be found under Find Answers at the Service Support Center.

Note: My Colleagues Tool Granular and My Colleagues Tool Aggregate are not linked or dependent upon each other in any way.

My colleagues tool granular features
My Colleagues Tool Granular Features

  • The Tool provides an External Administrator with the ability to effectively manage access to Cisco support by:

  • Granting access by adding administered contract numbers to profiles

  • Denying access by removing administered contract numbers from unauthorized profiles

  • Blocking users from re-adding administered contract numbers to their profiles after they have been removed

  • Unblocking users to allow a previously blocked user the ability to have that contract number added to his/her profile, if appropriate

  • Locking contract numbers so that only an External Administrator who manages that contract number can add it to a profile

  • Unlocking contract numbers so that Cisco can add them to profiles

  • Emailinga user directly from the tool

  • Exporting information to a downloadable report

  • Being notified via email when a contract is added, removed, blocked, unblocked, locked, or unlocked

Difference between block and lock
Difference Between Block and Lock


  • An External Administrator can block a user from having contract numbers added to his profile. This means that after Cisco has added a contract number to a user’s profile, the External Administrator can use My Colleagues Tool Granular to remove the contract from that profile and prevent it (block it) from ever being added again by Cisco. This is a reactive way to control support access because the contract number is added and then removed and blocked.


  • An External Administrator can lock contract numbers. This means that Cisco is prevented from ever adding the contract number to any profile. This is a way for the External Administrator to proactively control support access because the contract number is never added.

Third step login into my colleagues tool
Third Step: Login into My Colleagues Tool

  • Once you are in Profile Manager, scroll to “Additional Access” near the bottom of the page

  • Click on the My Colleagues Tool Granular link

Welcome screen
Welcome Screen

The first screen you see when you enter the Tool.

At the top of the screen, the Welcome page contains your name and profile information with an Edit This Information link to Profile Manager to change your contact information, if necessary.

At the bottom of the screen, you can:

  • Select Manage Contracts to perform actions with a single contract number and multiple users.

  • Select Manage Users to perform actions with a single user and multiple contracts.

  • Select Compare Contracts to view and download information regarding managed contracts.

  • Select Lock/Unlock Contracts to view managed contracts and lock or unlock them.

Manage contracts




Manage Contracts

Note: You cannot see a contract number in the tool unless that number is in your profile and you are set up to manage it.

The Manage Contractsscreen allows you to:

  • Search for a single contract number.

  • Select a single contract from a list of all contracts that you administer.

  • Add users

  • Remove users

  • Remove and Block users

  • Unblock users

You can then choose one of the following actions for that contract:

Manage users

Last Name, First Name ID

Email Address


Last Name, First Name ID

Email Address


Last Name, First Name ID

Email Address


Manage Users

Note: You cannot see a user in the Tool unless that user has at least one contract in his profile that matches one you manage in MCTG (in your profile).

The Manage Usersscreen allows you to:

Enter a ID and then select the contracts to add.

Or, search for a user by Last Name, First Name, Company Name, Email Address, or User ID.

You can then choose one of the following actions for that user:

  • Add contract number

  • Remove contract number

  • Remove and Block contract number

  • Unblock contract number

Compare contracts








Compare Contracts

The Compare Contracts screen enables you to view all the contracts you administer.

You can export all the contracts you administer to an Excel file that will be generated within 24 hours and posted at a web site that you can access.

You can click on the link under either the "Users" or "Blocked Users" columns to see the list of all users or blocked users for that contract.  You can export these user lists to an Excel file.

Lock unlock contracts
Lock/Unlock Contracts

Note: To use this functionality, you will need to accept Terms & Conditions saying you understand that locking a contract means that if it is not in the user’s profile when they request support, they will not be able to obtain support. You will also authorize Cisco to provide your contact information to customers with questions about a locked contract.

The Lock/Unlock Contractsscreen allows you to enter one contract number.

Or, select one or many contract numbers.

You can then choose one of the following actions for the contract number(s):

  • Lock a Contract

  • Unlock a Contract








Getting started and other resources
Getting Started and Other Resources

  • If you would like more information, visit the My Colleagues Tool Granular information web site where you can find:

    • Instructions on setting up External Administrators

    • Helpful documents such as a Q&A file and Help files

    • A link to the Contract Lock/Unlock Terms & Contditions

  • To view Lock/Unlock Terms & Conditions, go here: