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About AIIPEX. All India Institute of Pre-Examination was seeded with the idea of providing the best education across India, in the year 1975.

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About aiipex

  • All India Institute of Pre-Examination was seeded with the idea of providing the best education across India, in the year 1975.

  • The idea was to constitute the best education training centre that can equip students to fight the aggressive competition, not only effectively but also smartly.

  • Over 16 years of continuous effort AIIPEX has strengthened and transformed the façade of education system.

  • AIIPEX is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Scientific Research and Technology.

  • The institute has worked with several State Governments to alter the education system in their respective States.

Trajectory of its growth
Trajectory of its growth

  • AIIPEX was commenced with focusing on the field of engineering and technology in the year 1975.

  • Eventually, it also embarked on the medical science field in 1979.

  • Over a decade from then, the institute mushroomed to various other fields, almost taking in every section of education; in 1995.

  • In 2005, AIIPEX set a new mark by introducing online learning programmes and making resources available online.

  • In 2008, AIIPEX was accredited with Asian Council of Welfare Education & Technology, and since then have spread its wings across India.

The increasing competition
The Increasing Competition

  • Undoubtedly, the shape of education system has changed drastically.

  • In the race to achieve positions, no longer the students have time to study widely; but instead are required to study wisely.

  • Merely just studying is also not an option, a student needs to be prepared to deal with the pressures of examination as well.

  • Lastly, accessibility to resources in all aspects is one winning key and also sometimes a tough key to have.

Aiipex and arms

  • AIIPEX has a Resource Management System (ARMS) which enables students to access all the study material online once they are registered with the institute.

  • AIIPEX believes that smart learning is a key to success in today’s education system and hence with ARMS, AIIPEX provides the exact study material you need.

  • It not only saves time to read through a lot of unuseful material but also helps in better understanding of the subject.

  • In addition to the reading material, it also provides the exact type of examination questionnaires so as to make your preparation even stronger.

Aiipex and acbt

  • Another innovatory idea of AIIPEX was to introduce a method where students can deal better with the pressures of examination, right before the actual examination.

  • As the motto of AIIPEX has always been to prepare the student for examination in every aspect, it is no hyidden fact that many students are scared of the examination centers.

  • It introduced a system called AIIPEX Centre Based Examination (ACBT) which conducts a pre-examination in exactly similar fashion of the real examination.

  • This helps the student to be prepared to overcome the examination fear and deal with that pressure of examination room.

Aiipex and armed

  • With distance learning programmes becoming the success story of education system, AIIPEX has also launched a distance learning programme.

  • It provides the best teachers from across the world who not only conduct classes and address queries, but also help in creating study materials that are appropriate for students.

  • Online Education has managed to reach all the segments of society and AIIPEX has added to that contribution of educating and making the country better.