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CARE What actually happens here? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CARE What actually happens here?

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What actually happens here?

New Student Testing

  • Each new student to St. Paul in grades 1-8 is tested in the first 2 weeks of school

    • This takes ~45 minutes per student

    • A report is then sent to parents

  • All 1st Graders are tested in the first 2 weeks of school

    • This also takes ~45 minutes per student

    • Deanne & I use these results to determine which students need a little extra help

All new students to the CARE must sign a parent permission form before they begin or if they are to be tested

Parent or Teacher requested testing

  • For remedial testing the Woodcock Johnson Diagnostic Reading Battery is given

    • This takes anywhere from 1-2 hours to administer

    • Original report given to parents and teacher is computer generated with some tweeking

  • For enrichment SAGES-2 Screening Assessment for Gifted Elementary and Middle School Students

    • This generally takes about 1 hour

    • This report is again prepared and given to parents and teacher

RTIResponse to Intervention

  • Response to Intervention (RTI) is a multi-tier approach to the early identification and support of students with learning and behavior needs.

    • High-quality, scientifically based classroom instruction

    • Ongoing student assessment

    • Tiered instruction

    • Parent involvement

Remedial Students

  • Students are seen between two and three times per week individually or in small groups

    • Individual lesson plans for each group

  • Kindergarteners

    • Letter identification & sounds

    • Later in the year – sight words

  • 1st graders

    • Huge concentration on sight words

    • Preread and reread basal stories

  • 2nd on up

    • Vocabulary work

    • Preread and reread basal stories

  • Examples of Activities

Enrichment Students

  • Individuals

    • Curriculum totally depends on the student

  • Reading Groups

    • Novel units at least 1-2 years above current grade level

  • Examples

End-of –Year Remedial Testing

  • Goal is 1 year gain

  • Report sent home

  • to parent



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