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PLAN:. Shaka Zulu’s biography The Zulu kingdom under Shaka Shaka’s figure in art and literature. The AmaZulu. “ AmaZulu ”  P eople of the sky Country: South Africa. Century XIV: From Tanzania to KwaZulu-Natal. Map of Bantu Migration Paths. C hild Shaka:. Born in 1797

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  • Shaka Zulu’sbiography

  • The Zulu kingdomunderShaka

  • Shaka’s figure in art and literature

The amazulu
The AmaZulu

  • “AmaZulu” People of the sky

    Country: South Africa

  • Century XIV: From Tanzania to KwaZulu-Natal

Map of Bantu Migration Paths

C hild shaka
Child Shaka:

  • Born in 1797

  • Mother: Princess Nandi

  • Father: Chieftain Senzangakhona

  • Disowned by his father

  • Difficult childhood

  • Enlistment in the Methetwaarmy

  • Military and social advancement

  • Dingiswayo’smentorship over Shaka

King shaka
King Shaka

  • 1816 : Hisfather’sdeath

  • Return to his natal land

  • Beginning of a kingship

  • His adoptedfatherkilled

  • Fusion of the 2 tribes

  • Revenge: Zwide must die

  • Social, political, military reforms

  • Discipline and obedience

  • The importance of the army


  • Let us rise and build

  • Common name: Zulu

  • Women and children

  • A warrior King

  • Apprentice warriors: 6 years old

  • Rewards and disciplinary measures

  • “Hand-to-hand” combat

  • New assegais and bucklers

  • Conquests & Growth

The Bull’shorns’ tactic

SunTzu: AncientChinesemilitarygeneralPhilosopher and the strategist Author of The Art of War <= Statue of Sun Tzu in japan

Comparison with the Sun Tzu’s Pincer movement

The Pincer like the bull’shorns’ :

Encircling the ennemy

Women importance duringconflicts

  • “Social resources”: Dr Biyela

  • Rebuildingwar-tornsocieties

  • Stability of families

  • Resolution of conflicts

  • Vulnerable and exploitable

  • Necessity to find a plan to protectthem

Forests in south africa
Forests in southAfrica

  • “Sanctuaries” “elements of power and protection”

  • “Forests abound in Zulu folklore

  • Forests: a way to communicate: practical advice, warnings, predictions or analytical observations, both spiritual and physical.”


ROLIHLAHLA  dragging a bush, cut a branch



The choice of the nkandla forest
The choice of the Nkandla Forest

Nkandla Forest, in May 1988

The choice of the nkandla forest1
The choice of the Nkandla Forest

  • Unwele Or club moss

  • Sutherlandiafrutescens

  • Hope for AIDS ?

Shaka in art and literature
Shaka in Art and literature

  • Epic poems, tales, theatre plays, songs

  • Buy 1960: Shaka’s figure tackled many African writters:LéopoldSédar-Senghor, SeydouBadian, Djibril T. Niane

  • Televised series named “Shaka Zulu”

  • By William C. Faure in 1986,

  • Novel of Joshua Sinclair,

  • Henry Cele cast in the role of the Shaka


The only authentic:

by James King in 1824

Statue in Glencoe,

South Africa

A complex figure

  • Rough childhood => Thirst for revenge


  • Nandi’s death in 1827

We are growing margaret singana
We are growing: Margaret Singana

This is what you are,This is how we planned now,This is what to be,And that kind of men now,This is what to see,With that kind of meaning,This is what to feel,With that kind of feeling,

Tear the children (2)They are talking to youHear the wind blow (2)It is coming for you See the grass grow (2)It whispers his nameSee the flame blow (2)It's hard to the flame


We are growingGrowing Malamhaja










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