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PED 3140. WELCOME!. Today. 8:30-10:00 Introductions, course outline, assignment outlines 10-10:15 Break 10:15-11:45 Rotation Activity. Andrew/Mr. Wheeler/Professor Wheeler. Began as a teacher in 1995 working with young offenders (project D.A.R.E)

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Ped 3140

PED 3140




8:30-10:00 Introductions, course outline, assignment outlines

10-10:15 Break

10:15-11:45 Rotation Activity

Andrew mr wheeler professor wheeler
Andrew/Mr. Wheeler/Professor Wheeler

  • Began as a teacher in 1995 working with young offenders (project D.A.R.E)

  • Moved to Lake Tahoe to take on a regular grade 3 classroom

  • Moved back to Canada and began work as a congregate gifted teacher (gr. 7/8)

  • In my 4th year as a seconded professor

  • Now back full time at York Street School and the University of Ottawa

My goals

My Goals

Provide the pedagogical tools for you to feel prepared to teach LA/Arts next year

Demonstrate some of the techniques I have learned as I work on the craft of teaching

Introduce the concept that each of us is/will be a practicing a craft which requires constant attention

Promote the idea of integrating concepts such as peace and justice, human rights, environmental sustainability, and international development into educational curricula and practice


  • I am the practitioner of the group!

  • I hope you learn as much or more from what I do that what I way

  • Want to build a team for you to get to know and have as back up!

My pedagogy
My Pedagogy

  • Group students by ability for learning-group in other ways for showing learning

  • Use these small groups for instruction (4-10)

  • 1 Overall expectation- a few summative-many formative=good reporting

  • Use cross-curricular assignments to get it all done

  • Track learning skills


  • Is the skill

  • Other subjects (Arts, Social Studies, Science…) are the content

  • Not rocket science, kids need to read, write and talk every day

The arts
The Arts

  • Crucial to a good education and being smart

  • Are dying in these dark ages

  • Integrating them into other classes is the only hope!

Balanced literacy

Balanced Literacy

The new buzz word in Language instruction

Based on age old instructional techniques-it’s good teaching, too!

Literacy circles
Literacy Circles

  • All group members read the same thing

  • Each group member is assigned a specific task to do with the reading

  • Each group member writes down their part to present to the group and for the teacher to look at

  • This is formative stuff!

  • Can be used as the backbone to your literacy program

Learning skills

Learning Skills



Independent Work



Self Regulation

Global cohort
Global Cohort

  • One site, many resources

  • Where do we start? Environment, drugs, bullying, appreciations for the arts, social issues, native issues, all examples of colossal educational disasters.

  • Another 42 cute lesson plans about social/environmental injustice ain’t going to make a difference (but will still get you good grades in my class)

  • What will?

Concerns for ped 3140
Concerns for PED 3140

  • ELL

  • Overloaded, tired and not successful

  • Timing issues-too muck too late

  • Transition from student to professional (attendance, misunderstanding of what is going on)