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RFID. Who is using it?Walmart EZ Pass and SmartTag for toll roadsExxon SpeedpassNew car security systemsAgricultureLibrariesRecords Management. How does it work?. A tag is affixed to a resource.The tag is programmed to be recognized by the system.The tag can be scanned by a reader device

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1. RFID What is RFID? Inventory control Book return Book sorting systems Security tagsWhat is RFID? Inventory control Book return Book sorting systems Security tags

2. RFID Who is using it? Walmart EZ Pass and SmartTag for toll roads Exxon Speedpass New car security systems Agriculture Libraries Records Management

3. How does it work?

4. Types of Tags Passive No imbedded power source. Weaker signal. Active Imbedded power source. Stronger signal.

6. Readers

9. How are libraries using RFID? Tags on books, videos, DVD/CD Self-checkout Automated book return Automated sorting of books for large systems

10. Inventory Assistance Use handheld equipment to inventory the collection or resources. Find lost and misplaced books/files/boxes.

11. 3Com and Intermec3Com and Intermec

12. RFID Policy Issues Data Collection Privacy Concerns Public and staff education about the realities of RFID and how information will be used.

13. RFID - Cons Expensive equipment and materials. Difficulty reading tags. Still a new technology many issues with standards and security.

14. RFID - Pros Easier and faster inventory Faster checkouts Faster sorting automated handling Save staff time, repetitive tasks Utilize staff on other projects & services

15. Thank You

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