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Course overview. Duties of a postman Delivery duties Additional duties Knowledge of records Beat list & Route map Delivery slip Intimation slip Postman book Knowledge of delivery procedures Importance of Mail Delivery in Project Arrow POs Data Extraction Tool.

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Course overview
Course overview

  • Duties of a postman

    • Delivery duties

    • Additional duties

  • Knowledge of records

    • Beat list & Route map

    • Delivery slip

    • Intimation slip

    • Postman book

  • Knowledge of delivery procedures

  • Importance of Mail Delivery in Project Arrow POs

  • Data Extraction Tool

Duties of a postman
Duties of a Postman

  • Assist in table sorting & beat sorting

  • Do beat arrangement

  • Prepare delivery slip in MM Postman & Speednet

  • Deliver articles

  • Choose proper remarks for undelivered articles

  • Submit returns promptly

  • Update delivery particulars in MM Postman/Speednet

Refer to Directorate Ltr No.25-20/2008-PE.I dated 25/11/08


  • Prepare beat list and route map

  • Collect/Remit cash from/to subordinate offices

  • Clear LBs other than office LB

  • Collection of articles on the beat

  • Procure PLI/RPLI business

  • Assist the Treasurer in making currency bundles

  • Assist in PLI/RPLI data entry

  • Other duties assigned by your Post master

Refer to Directorate Ltr No.25-20/2008-PE.I dated 25/11/08

You should know
You should know….

  • your route map & beat list

  • the customers in your beat

  • your neighbouring beats

  • how to prepare various forms

  • standard remarks for undelivered articles

  • the items to be carried on the beat

  • the products and services of Indiapost

  • about Project Arrow & your role in it



important records

What is Route Map & Beat List ?

Let us see some examples………

Beat list beat no p o
Beat List Beat no.__________P.O._________

(Rule 102 (2) of PM Vol VI Part I)

Village sorting list
Village sorting list

  • A record showing the villages attached to the Postmen for Delivery

  • Delivery area can be classified as

    • Fixed Beat (with LBs) – Everyday, the Postman should visit that area even though no article is received for delivery in that area, for clearance of letter box

    • Unfixed Beat - Postman will visit only when the articles are to be delivered in that area

Why is route map beat list important
Why is route map & beat list important ??????

  • They are basic documents of your beat

  • They depict/show …..

    • your delivery area

    • how to travel on your beat

    • the distance to be travelled by you daily

    • time taken for travelling that distance

    • your important customers

Customer database
Customer Database

  • It is a list of customers in your beat

  • It contains some important details like:

    • Name & address

    • Profession

    • Contact number

    • E mail address

It helps you to serve your customers better !!!!!!!!!

How to collect customers database
How to collect Customers database?

Beat No ………………………….. PO………………………….

Postman book
Postman book

  • Basic record to be maintained by you everyday

  • Details of accountable articles (except RL/Parcels) entrusted to you for delivery should be entered

  • Get acquittance for cash/articles returned, from the concerned PA

  • Entries regarding sale of postage while on beat should also be made

Let us see a sample now…..

Rule 110 of PM Vol VI Part III

Intimation slip
Intimation Slip

What is it?

What are its’ uses?

What is it’s importance?

Intimation slip1
Intimation Slip

  • A document served when……

    • Addressee / Authorised person is absent during delivery of accountable articles

    • Door is locked and addressee cannot be informed of the arrival of article

  • Intimation slip is served

    • at the addressee’s premises

    • in the mail box

    • to another person at the address

  • Suitable remarks to be made in the delivery slip/postman book and on the article

Are there any exceptions? ....Can you tell me?

Do you ever deliver Intimation slip when the addressee is present???

Yes we do…!!!!!!

  • When VP articles above Rs 500 are received for delivery

  • When Insured articles above Rs 500 are received for delivery

  • When Parcels > 5 KGs and < 10 KGs – if Home

  • delivery charges not paid

  • When Parcels > 10 kg are received for delivery

Have you heard about NOTICES?

What are they? When will they be issued?

When notices are to be served
When Notices are to be served? present???

  • Notices will be prepared, when articles received for delivery, in damaged condition

  • It is prepared by the Postmaster

  • Will be served to the customer by the Postmen

  • Make an entry in Postman book

Sample present???

Entries in intimation slip
Entries in Intimation Slip present???

You have to inform the customer about the………………..

  • Article number

  • Type of article

  • Name of the PO in which it was posted

  • Date of receipt of article

  • When, where can the customer collect the article

  • What should the customer do in case he requires home delivery

Address part
Address part present???





1000 hrs. present???

1600 hrs.




16 00 hours present???


PO Tel. No.

PO e Mail address

PO Tel. No.

Delivery procedures present???

The right way of delivering articles

Delivery procedures
Delivery procedures present???

  • How to deliver articles?

  • Where will the customer sign after taking delivery of the article?

  • Are there any special procedures to be followed ?

  • Should I get a witness?

  • How do we deliver articles to customers with special needs?

Ordinary articles present???

Door delivery / Post Box / Post bag/Window

Registered articles (Domestic and International)

Can be delivered to the addressee only

Or to the person authorized by the addressee

Speed Post (Domestic and International)

Can be delivered to any person in the given address (Address specific )

SP Passport

Addressee specific delivery

Insured present???

Door delivery up to the value of Rs.500

Serve Intimation if value exceeds Rs.500

Money Order

Can be paid to the Payee

Or to the authorized person


Can be delivered to any person in the given (Address specific )

Upto 5 KGs – Door Delivery

> 5 KGs upto 10 KGs – Door Delivery if door delivery charges Paid


Door delivery up to the value of Rs.500 present???

Deliver after collection of VP Value + MO Commission

Serve Intimation if value exceeds Rs.500 or the addressee desires to take delivery later

VP articles

Direct Post

Door Delivery

International Mails with CD

Door delivery after collection of Customs Duty

Do Not Forget……….

RL with AD – acquittance in delivery slip ONLY

MOs – acquittance in voucher portion ONLY

Is the procedure for delivering returned articles different ? How ? And Why?

Delivery under acquittance
Delivery under present???acquittance

No need.. It is like unregistered article

Should we get any acquittance for delivery of Direct Post?

Spot quiz present???


special delivery procedures

Return Remarks present???

Standard remarks
Standard Remarks present???

Sample rubber stamp impression used by Madurai HO present???

Is this as per the prescribed format? Please give your comments….

In correct remarks
In correct Remarks present???

Returns contd
Returns ( present???contd/-)

  • How will you return undelivered articles?

  • Who will you hand them over to?

  • Do you get any acquittance from anyone for these articles?

Let us see the answers……

Delivered articles present???

*- For computerized offices – Cash should be given to the Treasurer

For Non Computerized offices- Cash should be given to the Registration PA

  • To put proper remarks on undelivered articles present???

  • To handover signed acknowledgement cards

  • To update remarks in MM Postman/ Speednet

  • To update remarks in postman book

  • To paste acknowledgement for delivery of VP receipt to the addressee in your postman book

  • To handover cash realized on unpaid articles

Let us recap… present???

Before you present??? go for delivery ….

Please check before you go out for delivery
Please check… present???before you go out for delivery….

  • Whether …

    • all the articles have been affixed with delivery stamp

    • all are arranged as per route map & beat list

    • the number of articles tallies with the Delivery Slip

    • the VP Receipt/Intimation are kept safe

    • cash for MOs counted, acknowledged & kept safe

    • all addressee instructions have been followed

Are you ready for the beat
Are you ready for the Beat ??? present???

  • Uniform

  • Postman Bag

  • Foot wears

  • Grooming

  • Appearance

  • Identity card on display

Your bag should contain
Your bag should contain…….. present???

  • Copy of the route map & Beat list

  • Blank Intimation slips in the prescribed format

  • Pen

  • Ink Pad ( for thumb impression)

  • Stamps for sale in the beat

  • A bag for free pick up of articles

  • Receipt book- RL/Speed Post booking (if authorized)

  • A Note book to collect Customers database

  • PO Pocket Guide

  • Speed Post present???

  • Express Parcel Post

  • Logistics Post

  • Business Post

  • Bill Mail service

  • National Bill Mail Service

  • Direct Post

  • Retail Post

  • Media Post

  • eMO/iMO/IMTS

  • ePost

Let us now see some present???

delivery related products

in brief…..

Speed post
SPEED POST present???

  • Government’s own courier

  • Domestic and International Services

  • Documents and Merchandise can be sent

  • Insurance Facility upto a max of Rs.1,00,000/-

  • Time bound delivery

  • Special rebates for bulk customer

  • Free Pick up facility is available

  • Postman can pick up articles at customer’s door step

Speed post1
SPEED POST present???

  • Extended booking timings in select post offices

  • 24 Hours booking in RMS offices

  • Track and trace service

  • Book Now and Pay Later & rebate facility

  • Speed Post Passport Service

Conditions of posting similar to other postal articles as given in Clause 209/210 of PO Guide I

Speed post passport service

  • Select POs sell the Passport application 

  • Processing of application done at PO counters

  • Applications sent to Passport Office for further processing

  • No processing fee

  • Service is available only for issue of new passports

Express parcel post
Express Parcel Post present???

  • Parcels weighing upto 35kg can be sent

  • Retail and corporate contractual service

  • Domestic service available by surface transport

  • Time bound Door delivery of parcels

  • Book Now Pay Later facility

  • Free Pick up & rebate facility

  • Cash on delivery facility

Logistics post

Logistics present???Post

Domestic service for sending parcels and large consignments

No weight limit.

Door to door service

Distance and weight-based tariff

Multi-modal transport


Pick and Pack services

Logistics post air
Logistics Post Air present???

  • Logistics Post Air –

    • consignments are transported through Indiapost Freighter

    • Available in the NE Region of India

Business post

Business Post present???

Total mailing Solution

Pre mailing activities done for a fee

For bulk customers

Service available for accountable and ordinary articles

  • Pick up

  • Collection

  • Insertion

  • Addressing

  • Gumming

  • Franking

Bill mail service

Bill Mail Service present???

Bills, financial statements etc

Periodicity should be at least once in 45 days

Minimum quantity for posting at a time is 5000

Articles should be superscribed as “BMS”

It should be posted in select POs only

To be delivered locally or within a district

Tariff –

First 50 gms – Rs 3/-

Every additional 50 gms – Rs 2/-

National bill mail service
National Bill Mail service present???

  • Bills, financial statements etc

  • Periodicity should be at least once in 45 days

  • Minimum quantity for posting at a time is 10,000

  • Articles should be super scribed as “NBMS”

  • It should be posted as Speed Post/EPP

  • To be delivered across the country

  • Articles meant for one outstation destination to be bundled in one package, which can be sent to destination cities as Speed Post, Express Parcel Post etc. on payment by sender.

  • The individual bills in the package are charged only at the local Bill Mail Service rates.

Direct post
Direct Post present???

  • Unaddressed ordinary articles

  • In the nature of brochures, samples, CDs etc

  • Minimum quantity – 1000 pieces

  • Should not be posted in letter boxes

  • Should be delivered at the door step in a specified locality

E post

E POST present???

Conveyance of Scanned communications through Internet

Delivery of e post is available in all post offices

Recipient may or may not have an e mail ID/ internet facility

Will be received at the PO, Printed out

Sent to the addressee in a specially designed envelop as unregistered article

Delivered at the door step


Per A4 size paper –Rs.10/-

eMO present???

  • Electronically transmitted Money orders

  • Commission same as Ordinary MOs

  • Conditions same as Ordinary MOs

  • Can be booked to non computerized offices also

  • Speedy transmission and payment of MOs

Your role in revenue generation
Your role in Revenue generation present???

You can increase the revenue of Indiapost by…

  • Selling of stamps in the beat

  • Booking Speed Post articles in the beat

  • Pick up of articles from the beat

  • Prompt Delivery of Direct Post & Bill mails

  • Procuring PLI/RPLI

  • Marketing of other products and services

About project arrow
About Project Arrow present???

  • Commenced in May 2008

  • Overall changes - appearance, facilities, infrastructure, technology & processes in select post offices

  • Focused attention towards a commonly accepted target of improving the post offices


  • Make customers believe that the POST OFFICE IS CHANGING FOR GOOD

Focus areas
Focus areas present???

  • Branding

  • Infrastructure

  • Technology

  • Human Resources

  • Mail delivery

  • Savings Bank

  • Remittances

  • Office Service Level

Branding present???

  • Maximum visibility of our new logo

  • Popularizing the Brand/ Logo of Indiapost

  • Its consistent application in all post offices

    • Can u draw the new logo of the department?

    • What does the logo represent?

    • S…………., D……………, E……………., A……………, A……………….

Technology present???

  • Computerization

    • Supply of hardware for the office

    • Installation of software

  • Security related issues

    • Password security

    • Physical security

    • Antivirus

Human resources
Human resources present???

  • Improving Knowledge, Skill and Attitude of the staff

    • Training programmes

    • Out sourcing wherever needed

    • Maintaining Database of staff

Infrastructure present???

  • To change the ‘ look & feel’ to Project Arrow Standards

    • Structural repairs in PO buildings

    • Re painting as per Project Arrow specifications

    • Electrical repairs

    • Re wiring

    • Laying counters/cupboards etc

Walls/ windows / doors present???

Wall highlights/ edges



Floors tiles


Writing ledge

facing the counter

Mail delivery
Mail delivery present???

Same day delivery of Mails received

Same day despatch of Mails posted

Improving all mail related activities


  • Same day payment of money orders

  • Provide all e enabled services in the post office

  • Booking of all MOs as eMOs

Do you think all this is possible? present???

Let us discuss the issues now..

Delivery related issues
Delivery related issues present???

What are the major problems you face while delivering articles ????



Is not punctual

Has insufficient knowledge about his beat

Has insufficient knowledge about standard remarks/returns

Has insufficient knowledge about procedures of delivery

Does not help in pre delivery activities

Unauthorized absence

Has a Negative attitude

  • Is absent when the postman visits

  • Has no knowledge about authorization

  • Does not give addressee instructions

  • Deliberately mis-leads the postman

Solutions ????? present???

  • Be punctual, courteous & regular

  • Educate your customer on

    • Importance of Addressee instructions

  • Maintain a customer database

  • Assist in pre delivery work

  • Proceed for delivery on time

  • Keep intimation slips handy

  • Serve intimation slips when addressee is absent

  • Update your knowledge on procedures and rules – for delivery

How do you assess your child s performance in school
How do you assess your child’s performance in school ??? present???

How do we assess the performance of our office ??

Through KPIs…. present???

What do you mean by KPI?

Key Performance Indicator -

It is a factor showing the delivery performance of your office

Kpis and targets
KPIs and Targets present???

Kpis and targets contd
KPIs and Targets ( present???Contd…)

How can we assess kpi
How can we assess KPI ? present???

Through Data Extraction Tool

What is DET???



Example Data

Data extracted from PO

  • Details of Regd articles

  • Details of Speed Post articles

  • Details of eMO

  • Details of SB accounts

  • Details of Financial variables


Data Repository


100% = all data required for KPIs

Sanchay Post

Reporting Engine

Operational dashboard reports




Data manually entered through web based system

Example Data


  • Number of Ord articles received

  • Number of Ord articles not delivered

  • Data repository would store data collected from individual PO

Online web-based tool


Data extraction tool

  • It assesses the performance of the our Post offices under Project Arrow

  • Automatic extraction of data from the database of various software used in our Post Office

  • Based on your performance your office will get a score- like a report card

  • Your score will be monitored by Directorate

  • Your office scores decrease when…… TO CREATE A KPI-BASED PERFORMANCE DASHBOARD

    • All mail received in the office is not sent out for delivery

    • All mail taken for delivery is not delivered

    • Improper remarks on the articles

    • Non issue of Intimation slips

    • Return particulars not entered at the end of the day

    • All mail is not dispatched on the same day

What should you do so that your post office gets

100/100 ???

What should you do

  • Assist in pre delivery activities

  • Deliver all articles & pay all MOs/eMOs entrusted to you

  • Put proper remarks on undelivered articles

  • Use rubber stamps for putting remarks

  • Use intimation slips

  • Get addressee instructions & follow them

  • Update return information in MM Postman/Speednet

  • Adopt customer friendly approach

  • Success of this Project is in your hands

  • Please remember ……………

    DakSeva Jan Seva

Secretary, Department of Posts receiving the Prime Minister’s award for Excellence