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Sensory Evaluation. Anna Khamsing FSHN 381 Food Science and Human Nutrition University of Hawaii. The purpose of the experiment was to create a tuna fish patty that met acceptable sensory characteristics. Class Experiment.

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Sensory Evaluation

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Sensory Evaluation

Anna khamsing fshn 381 food science and human nutrition university of hawaii l.jpg

Anna Khamsing FSHN 381Food Science and Human NutritionUniversity of Hawaii

Class experiment l.jpg

The purpose of the experiment was to create a tuna fish patty that met acceptable sensory characteristics.

Class Experiment

Project s requirement l.jpg

Project’s Requirement

  • Had to contain exactly 51% tuna

  • Randomly assigned to one stuffer

  • Had a choice of selecting binders (limit 3)

  • Post cooking weight of 115 gram (quarter pounder)

  • Could not use wheat, dairy, or egg products

  • No more than 6 trials

Why we did this experiment l.jpg

Why We Did This Experiment

  • Nutritious

  • Inexpensive and simple ingredients

  • Avoid allergens

    • Wheat: Celiac

    • Dairy: Lactose Intolerance

    • Other: Egg allergies

Soybean tuna patties l.jpg

Soybean Tuna Patties

Nick Leonard

Beth Saunders

Anna Khamsing

Soybeans l.jpg

Staple food item in China and Japan

Slowly becoming popular in the U.S.


Soybean products l.jpg

Soybean Products

Soybeans9 l.jpg


  • Good source of protein

  • Considered to be a complete protein

  • Noted to have an objectionable flavor: “painty” and “beany”

Soybeans10 l.jpg


Soybeans11 l.jpg


Possible health benefits:

May lower LDL cholesterol

May reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases including cancer

May promote bone health

*Soybeans are a rich source of isoflavones which are

known to have antioxidant properties. They are still under

investigation for their role in bone health and prevention

of cancer among other illnesses.

Guar gum l.jpg

Found in the endosperm of guar beans

Grown in India and Pakistan

Guar Gum

Guar gum s characteristics l.jpg

Guar Gum’s Characteristics

  • Non-gelling

  • Increases viscosity

  • Ability to bind with water

  • Stabilizer

Uses of guar gum l.jpg


Baked products

Ice cream



Salad dressing

Uses of Guar Gum

Rice flour l.jpg

Formed by grinding broken rice kernels

Could be derived from brown or white rice

Rice Flour

Rice flour s characteristics l.jpg

Rice Flour’s Characteristics

  • No gluten-forming properties

  • Lacks elastic and cohesive properties

    • Needs another ingredient for substantial binding properties

  • Gritty texture

Uses of rice flour l.jpg

Uses of Rice Flour

Baked goods

Pancake and waffle mix

Baby food

Group s purpose l.jpg

The purpose was to create a delicious, inexpensive, and nutritious soybean tuna patty.

Group’s Purpose

Our process day 1 l.jpg

Our Process: Day 1

  • Manipulated the rice flour and soybean levels to create texture

  • Experimented without tuna water to improve texture

  • Experimented without guar gum to improve texture

Our process day 2 l.jpg

Our Process: Day 2

  • Experimented with soybean preparation to improve texture

  • Experimented with different spices to improve flavor

Final recipe l.jpg

Final Recipe

Tuna --------------------- 71.4 g =1/3 C = 51%

Soybeans----------------37.8 g = ¼ C = 27%

Rice Flour------------------14 g = 1 ½ T = 10% Tuna Water---------------9.8 g = 2 t = 7%

Guar Gum-----------------1.4 g = ¼ t = 1%

Spices (Total)------------5.6 g =4%

-Seasoning Salt---2 g = (1/2 t)

-Onion Powder----1 g = (1/4 t)

-Basil-----------------1g = (1/4 t)

-Garlic Powder----1 g = (1/4 t)

-Pepper------------0.6g = (1/8 t)


Total------------------140 g (precooked weight)

Recipe l.jpg


  • Preparation of soybeans:

  • Soak overnight

  • Cook to a simmer

  • Preparation and cooking of patty:

  • Dry Ingredients measured and combined

  • Remaining ingredients mixed in

  • Form patty by hand

  • Cook over medium/medium high heat in 1 T canola oil for 3 minutes on each side

Cost of recipe l.jpg

Tuna =$0.72

Soybeans = $0.14

Rice Flour = $0.04

Total Price = $0.90

Cost of Recipe

Slide24 l.jpg

*Post-cooked weight~115 g

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Questions or Comments?

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