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Birth Control Methods What do you want to accomplish? When do you want to become a parent? What does a baby need? Everyone needs a plan What is your plan? Plans are personal…you make your own decisions Plans help you be prepared for anything

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Birth Control Methods

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Birth control methods l.jpg

Birth Control Methods

What do you want to accomplish l.jpg

What do you want to accomplish?

When do you want to become a parent l.jpg

When do you want to become a parent?

What does a baby need?

Everyone needs a plan l.jpg

Everyone needs a plan

What is your plan?

  • Plans are personal…you make your own decisions

  • Plans help you be prepared for anything

  • Once you know what you want, you can set boundaries

Abstinence l.jpg


It’s ok to say, “No way.”

No matter what other choices you’ve made in the past.

Abstinence6 l.jpg


  • 100% effective against pregnancy

  • Eliminates most threats of STIs

  • No drugs or devices

  • Private

Things to do besides having sex l.jpg

Hold hands

Swap MP3s


Talk about your feelings

Have a picnic

Take a walk together

Do homework together

Go on a hike

Talk on your cell

Give compliments

Send a funny card

Be best friends

Hide a love note

Share an ice cream cone

Cook each other food

Bake cookies

Choose a theme song

Watch a movie

Do something special

Talk about your dreams

Begin a hobby together

Give a gift

IM each other

Start a Wii competition

Things to do besides having sex

When can someone get pregnant anytime l.jpg

When can someone get pregnant? ANYTIME!!!

Period StartsOvulationCycle End

Day 1Days 11-16Day 28

  • Egg release or ovulation doesn’t happen at the same time every month and can be different for each woman.

  • You can get pregnant before you’ve had a period.

  • Young women can release two eggs in a month.

  • Males are fertile all the time after beginning sperm production.

  • The egg can survive up to 24 hours after released.

  • Sperm can survive inside for up to five days.


Getting pregnant l.jpg

Getting Pregnant

Barrier methods l.jpg

Barrier Methods

  • Female condom

  • Male condom

  • Spermicides

  • Sponge

  • Diaphragm

Female condom l.jpg

Female Condom

It looks funny … but it still works.

Male condom l.jpg

Male Condom

  • Condoms have many benefits!

    • Reduced risk of pregnancy

    • Sexually Transmitted Infection protection for fluid transmission (e.g. HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, etc.)

    • Prolonged enjoyment

Condoms l.jpg


  • 90-98% effective

    • More effective with spermicide

    • Reliability varies due to improper use

  • Easily available

  • Protects against STIs during oral sex

  • Polyurethane condoms for latex allergy

  • Must use new condom every time

Early spermicides l.jpg

Early Spermicides

  • Crocodile dung, honey

  • Plants

  • Cotton soaked with lemon

    Did not work well!

Spermicides l.jpg


  • 85-90% effective

    • easy availability

    • possible irritation

  • Must be inserted before each act of intercourse

Sponge l.jpg


  • No need for prescription

  • Leave in place for 6

    hours after sex

  • Uses nonoxynol-9 spermicide

  • Don’t rinse and reuse

  • No hormones

Diaphragm rx l.jpg

Diaphragm (Rx)

Diaphragm l.jpg


  • 86-97% effective

    • Must be used with spermicide

    • Must be used every time

  • Can be inserted 1 hour before intercourse

  • Must leave in 6-8 hours after intercourse

  • Not for people with a Latex allergy

Hormonal methods l.jpg

Hormonal Methods

  • Simulates pregnancy so an egg is not released

    • The “Pill”

    • The “Patch”

    • NuvaRing

    • Depo-Provera

    • Implanon

Hormonal methods do not protect against STIs.

The pill l.jpg

The Pill

Just one little pill every day… in over 40 different kinds.

The pill22 l.jpg

The Pill

  • 98-99% effective

  • Many reasons for taking the pill

    • May make periods more comfortable

    • May decrease acne

    • Required for some medications

    • More regular periods

  • No protection against STIs

The patch ortho evra l.jpg

The “Patch”Ortho Evra

  • 99% effective

  • Can be worn in four different spots on the body

  • Can be worn in the shower, while swimming or exercising

  • Change once a week

  • Generally not recommended for smokers

  • No protection against STIs

Nuvaring l.jpg


  • 99% effective

  • Flexible ring fits into a woman’s vagina

  • Releases a steady stream of hormones

  • Remove after three weeks

  • No protection against STIs

Depo provera l.jpg


  • 99% effective

  • A shot every 10 -13 wks

  • No protection against STIs

Implanon l.jpg


  • 99% effective

  • Small, implantable hormonal contraceptive

  • Good for three years

  • No protection against STIs

Other methods l.jpg

Other Methods

  • IUD: ParaGard & Mirena

  • Rhythm Method or Natural Family Planning

  • Sterilization

Iud intrauterine device l.jpg

IUD - Intrauterine Device

Intrauterine device iud l.jpg

99% effective

Releases hormone into the lining of the uterus

Good for five years

No protection against STIs

99% effective

No hormones

Good for 10 years

No protection against STIs

IntraUterine Device (IUD)



Best candidates have had children and are in a single partner/long-term relationship

Rhythm method or natural family planning l.jpg

Rhythm Method or Natural Family Planning

  • Couples learn to watch signs like body temperature and changes in cervical lubrication to figure out when ovulation happens

  • Couples avoid having sex during fertile times

  • Not recommended for teens because cycles are not consistent and sometimes ovulate more than once a month

Takes training and

a major commitment

Sterilization l.jpg


  • 99-100% effective

  • Requires surgery

  • No protection against STIs

  • Usually irreversible

Things that don t work l.jpg

Things That Don’t Work

  • Wishful thinking

  • Creative positions

  • Tight underwear

  • Swimming pools or hot tubs

    You only need ONE SPERM to get pregnant.

Withdrawal or pulling out l.jpg

Withdrawal or Pulling Out

Not a form of birth control!

Help for those oops times l.jpg

Help for those OOPS! times

Plan B

  • Used to be called the 72 hour pill or the Morning After Pill

  • Now available at drug stores for those 18 years old and older OR available at Tri-County at any age

  • No Prescription needed!!

Plan b l.jpg

Plan B

  • 75% - 95% effective

  • Works up to 5 days (120hours) after intercourse— The Sooner The Better!!!

  • Does not affect an already established pregnancy, but not intended to be taken if you know you are already pregnant

Birth control myths l.jpg

Birth Control Myths

  • You can’t get pregnant the first time you have sex.

  • If you jump up and down real fast after sex, you’ll confuse the sperm.

  • You can’t get pregnant if you have sex during your period.

Birth control myths37 l.jpg

Birth Control Myths

  • If you go to the bathroom after sex, you won’t get pregnant.

  • Birth control is the woman’s responsibility.

Implementing your plan l.jpg

Implementing your Plan

  • The 3 R’s

    • Respect yourself and your partner

    • Take Responsibility

    • You have the Right to be safe and say NO

Slide39 l.jpg

You need a plan!

Where to get more information l.jpg

Where to get more information

  • Parents

  • Physicians

  • Health department/clinics

  • School nurse/counselor

For women interested in birth control l.jpg

For women interested in Birth Control….

  • Call (303) 363-3018 to make an appointment.

Tri county health department l.jpg

Tri-County Health Department

Our goal is that every pregnancy

is planned and wanted.

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