Internet content and e policy strategies messaging explosion brings risks and opportunities
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Internet Content and e-Policy Strategies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Internet Content and e-Policy Strategies Messaging Explosion Brings Risks and Opportunities October 4, 2001 Michelle Drolet Corporate Strategy Winning companies need to leverage the Internet to stay ahead. In doing this, they give their employees every possible advantage.

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Internet content and e policy strategies messaging explosion brings risks and opportunities l.jpg

Internet Content and e-Policy StrategiesMessaging Explosion Brings Risks and Opportunities

October 4, 2001

Michelle Drolet

Corporate strategy l.jpg
Corporate Strategy

  • Winning companies need to leverage the Internet to stay ahead. In doing this, they give their employees every possible advantage.

    • Empower employees with Internet access

    • Provide them with corporate e-mail accounts

    • Encourage them to corroborate on company-confidential documents

    • Give them laptops to work from home

    • Provide them with home Internet access

Corporate strategy3 l.jpg
Corporate Strategy

  • Creating a work environment that is…

    • Efficient

    • Productive

    • Effective

    • Diligent

    • Task Oriented

    • Web Savvy

  • And what else does that create?

Corporate strategy4 l.jpg
Corporate Strategy

  • A corporation that is:

    • insecure

      • hackers exposing your corporate trade secrets

    • vulnerable

      • internal or external attacks upon sensitive corporate information

    • legally at risk

      • employees sending out offensive e-mail or browsing to inappropriate web sites

Industry facts l.jpg
Industry Facts

  • 55% of workers exchange potentially offensive messages at least once a month (PC Week)

  • 30-40% of workplace Internet surfing is not business related (IDC)

  • In a survey of 13,000 e-mail users, 90% said they received spam at least once a week (Gartner Group)

  • In a survey of 800 workers, 21-31% admitted to sending confidential information to recipients outside the company via e-mail (PC Week)

Real companies real problems l.jpg
Real Companies, Real Problems

  • The New York Times fired more than 20 employees for sending inappropriate and offensive e-mail.

  • July 28, 2000 the Associated Press reported that Dow Chemical will fire 50 workers and discipline more than 200 more for sending pornography and violent images through company e-mail.

  • August 22, 2000, Computerworld reported that Dow Chemical will fire as many as 40 employees for new violations of the company's Internet policy.

  • September 4, 2000, The Seattle Post Intelligencer reported that 3 high school teachers have been suspended without pay for sending explicit pictures over the schools e-mail system.

Internet usage issues l.jpg
Internet Usage Issues

  • Legality

    • employers are faced with legal issues: defamation, trade secret protection, sexual harassment, criminal accountability

  • Productivity

    • 30 to 40% of productivity is lost due to Internet and e-mail access in the workplace

  • Security

    • protection of intellectual property

  • Bandwidth

    • clogging your T1 line with what?

  • Issues legality l.jpg
    Issues - Legality

    • “Since the company is the one that gave employees access, the company is liable - unless the company can show it took reasonable steps to prevent problems.”

      • Corporate Politics on the Internet: Connection with Controversy, 1996

    Issues productivity l.jpg
    Issues - Productivity

    • Internet access allows your employees to:

      • Read the news: 72%

      • Make travel arrangements - 45%

      • Make purchases - 40%

      • Search for new jobs - 37%

      • Check their stock portfolio - 34%

      • Coordinate social events - 28%

      • Download music, online chat, play games, visit pornographic sites….

      • Send your trade secrets to the competition...

    Source: September 2000 Survey

    Issues security l.jpg
    Issues - Security

    • Single virus costing company millions of dollars in lost information and downtime

    • Critical intellectual properties stolen by external or internal resources

    • Internet and external hacking can ruin a company

    Issues bandwidth l.jpg
    Issues - Bandwidth

    • What are your employees doing on your time and dime?

      • Downloading…

        • The Dancing Baby

        • Holiday Greetings

        • The Frog in a Blender

      • Running PointCast

      • Sending Chain Letters

    First steps l.jpg
    First Steps...

    • Review Corporate Policies

      • Update existing policies

      • Create new policies (Internet and e-Mail usage)

  • Understand your Corporate Culture

    • Make sure your particular culture is communicated in your policies

  • Test your Corporate Environment

    • where are the vulnerabilities

    • what are your strengths, weaknesses

  • Next steps l.jpg
    Next Steps…

    • Policy Education

      • paper-based policy manual

      • electronic policy management solution

        • communicates policy and change in policy

        • reports compliance

      • conduct training sessions

      • create policy video

      • routine company meetings

    Final steps l.jpg
    Final Steps...

    • Enforcement Technology

      • e-mail content scanning

      • URL filtering

      • intrusion detection and blocking

      • anti-virus protection

    Electronic policy management l.jpg
    Electronic Policy Management

    • e-Minder

      • Manages, schedules and tracks policy education process

      • Tamper proof database

      • Management of multiple policies

      • Secure central administration

      • Employee acknowledgment screens, browser based

      • Employee Infraction Report

      • Employee status and history

    Corporate policy l.jpg
    Corporate Policy

    • Communicating Corporate Policy

    • Reduces Corporate Liability

    • Increases Productivity

    Who is conqwest l.jpg
    Who is CONQWEST ?

    • Leaders in Internet security industry coupling best-of-breed technology with top notch support and customization services

      • Industry leading partners

      • Significant customer list of over 300 companies

      • Seasoned security landscape and technology experts

      • Patent-pending on new policy management technology

    Security landscape l.jpg
    Security Landscape

    • Firewalls and VPN

      • NetScreen

    • Anti-Virus

      • Trend Micro

      • Sophos

    • URL Filtering

      • WebSense

      • Trend Web Manager

    • e-Mail Content

      • Content Technologies - MimeSweeper

      • Trend Micro - eManager

    • Policy Management

      • CONQWEST - e-Minder

    • Intrusion Detection and Blocking

      • Network ICE - ICE Pak

    • Security Audits

    • Intrusion Services

    • Network Architectures

    • Policy Development

    • Installation Services

    Your internet security and policy management partner l.jpg

    Your Internet Security and Policy Management Partner