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HPV Workgroup Update

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1. HPV Workgroup Update Chapel Hill October 20, 2010 Jennifer Allen, Roshan Bastani, Vicky Taylor

3. ASPO Presentation Participated in a HPV vaccine panel discussion at ASPO (Washington DC, 2008) Jennifer Allen, Maria Fernandez, Matthew Kreuter Presentation generated a review article Fernandez ME, Allen JD, Mistry R, Kahn JA. Integrating clinical, community, and policy perspectives on humanpapilloma virus vaccination. Annual Review of Public Health 2010; 31:235-252.

4. Survey Measures Project Harvard University, Boston University of Washington, Seattle University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill University of California, Los Angeles Emory University, Atlanta University of Texas, Houston Morehouse College, Atlanta Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

5. Survey Measures Project Conducted a systematic review of measures of HPV and HPV-vaccine knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and acceptability Allen JD, Coronado GD, Williams RS, Glenn B, Escoffery C, Fernandez M, Tuff RA, Wilson KM, Mullen PM. A systematic review of measures used in studies of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine acceptability. Vaccine 2010; 20:4027-4037.

6. Cognitive Testing Project University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill University of Washington, Seattle Washington University, St. Louis University of Texas, Houston University of California, Los Angeles Harvard University, Boston Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

7. Cognitive Testing Project Developed 21 HPV vaccine survey items to assess constructs commonly used in health behavior research, and cognitively tested the items during 62 qualitative interviews with parents of girls in the 917 age group Richman AR, Coronado GD, Arnold LD, Fernandez ME, Glenn BA, Allen JD, Wilson KM, Brewer NT. Cognitive testing of HPV vaccine survey items for parents of adolescent girls. Under review. To be presented at the 2010 APHA annual meeting in Denver

8. Latino Survey University of California, Los Angeles University of Texas, Houston University of Washington, Seattle

9. Latino Survey Used the Health Behavior Framework to develop a set of 24 core HPV vaccine survey items Surveyed Latino parents of girls ages 918 in Houston (N=83), Los Angeles (N=274), and Seattle (N=90) Data collection is complete and data analysis is ongoing In process of determining how best to combine all three surveys into a single manuscript

10. Latino Survey

11. Policy Initiative

12. Policy Initiative

13. Possible Future Directions Cognitive testing of HPV vaccine survey items in other languages HPV vaccine surveys in other geographic areas and racial/ethnic groups HPV vaccine intervention evaluation research Dissemination research addressing evidence-based interventions for promoting vaccine use Studies assessing the impact of HPV vaccine legislation on vaccine uptake Projects addressing HPV testing Incorporation of HPV content into FQHC project

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