Dealing with Utility Debt

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Utilities debt

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Dealing with Utility Debt

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1. Dealing with Utility Debt Credit and Collections for European Utilities London, September 2005 Susan Jordan Managing Director, Charis Ltd Intro - in and alongside voluntary sector / money advice over 20 years utilities & grant-maker 10 years Intro - in and alongside voluntary sector / money advice over 20 years utilities & grant-maker 10 years

3. Is there a better way For a minority of customers, conventional methods of billing and collections don’t work. Some vulnerable users simply can’t afford to pay. Progressive utility companies have established charitable trusts to help in these cases.

4. Trusts – what are the benefits Trusts demonstrate proactive CSR. Trusts clear otherwise irrecoverable debts. Trusts help identify vulnerable customers. Trusts reduce costs of collection. Trusts help some vulnerable customers get back on track.

5. Future improvements Free and impartial Money Advice Services. Money management education projects Grant-makers who understand the voluntary sector as well as the business drivers Strategic giving = greater impact

6. Introducing the Charis Trusts… Anglian Water Trust Fund including Three Valleys Water, Cambridge Water British Gas Energy Trust & Scottish Gas Energy Trust EDF Energy Trust London Energy, Seeboard Energy, SWEB Energy and EDF Energy Eos Foundation Bournemouth & West Hampshire Water, Folkestone & Dover Water, Mid Kent Water, Portsmouth Water, South East Water, Tendring Hundred Water

7. Aim of the Trusts Immediate: €6.6m (Ł4.5m) pa to help beneficiaries achieve financial stability wherever possible or to make quality of life payments Future: €2.2m (Ł1.5m) pa debt prevention work – money management education for adults and young people

8. Shared programme of giving Benefits individuals and families in need through: ease of access – one application form to access all funds held by Charis Grants economies of scale accumulative impact.

9. Application debtload

10. Application debtload

11. Further breakdown of ‘Other Debt’

12. During the week… Northumbrian Water Npower Powergen Scottish Power Scottish and Southern Electric Severn Trent Water South Staffs Water Southern Water South West Water Telecoms Thames Water United Utilities Water Wessex Water

13. Water or Fuel Poor 60 – 70% of applicants were water and / or fuel poor (not necessarily the same people) paying over 3% of income for water charges over 10% of income for fuel charges 30 – 40% of applicants were vulnerable for other reasons

14. Charis Grants a social enterprise delivering charitable grants on behalf of boards of trustees a wealth of experience of vulnerability and the voluntary sector understands the challenges faced by all utilities when dealing with vulnerable customers

15. Charis Ltd consultancy services helping companies create effective mechanisms for supporting vulnerable people training provider design and delivery of courses that develop company staff and policy-making

16. Together providing services for… Anglian Water Bournemouth & West Hampshire Water British Gas and Scottish Gas Cambridge Water EDF Energy, London Energy, Seeboard Energy, SWEB Energy Folkestone & Dover Water KPMG Mid Kent Water Npower Portsmouth Water South East Water Tendring Hundred Water Three Valleys Water

17. Warm words…

18. Warm words

19. Warm words

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