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Utilities. Presented by: Derek Kratz. You can now enter an unlimited amount of Menu Favorites.

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Presented by: Derek Kratz

You can now enter an unlimited amount of Menu Favorites .

We have added a new gmail account for activities. If you CC this email address, the system will search all contact records based on who the email was sent to and will create an activity for any matching emails. Your email will be the activity.

Netspell is now an option to use for Spellcheck throughout the system.

Available in V7(030)

The new “Auto Create” button in Notification Group Maintenance will allow you to create 1 Notification Group per user that exists in User Maintenance.

Available in V7(029)

Mandatory fields will now be displayed in RED (while in Edit or Create mode) throughout the system. Color is based on User maintenance

Metrofax or Create mode) throughout the system has added new cover page types, so we have updated our list to match their available pages.

Available in V7(031)

File Room/Activities been expanded.

Security been expanded. has been added to File Room Categories. Set access up in Authorization Maintenance.

Use the LINKS button been expanded. in File Room to link a file or activity to multiple records or see what existing record is linked to.

New OCR capability added been expanded.

File Room search options will allow you to search file names, file notes, OCR text files or all places.

Print directly to File Room names, file notes, OCR text files or all places.

The layout names, file notes, OCR text files or all places. ofthe Activity tab in certain records (customer, item, employee, vendor) has been revamped. It is now in ‘tree diagram’ format as opposed to checkboxes.

We are adding OCR recognition names, file notes, OCR text files or all places. to File Room documents.

We have added a “Notes” field to the Print Layout Types screen for users to add information about each form.

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