Reading skills
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Reading skills. Week 6 NJ Kang. Reading comprehension-based approaches. Reading comprehension-based approaches. Almost all! (Williams and Moran, 1989). Comprehension in the form of the presentation of text followed by post-reading questions on the text’. Definition of comprehension.

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Reading skills

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Reading skills

Reading skills

Week 6 NJ Kang

Reading skills

Reading comprehension-based approaches

Reading comprehension based approaches

Reading comprehension-based approaches

Almost all!

(Williams and Moran, 1989)

Comprehension in the form of the presentation of text followed by post-reading questions on the text’

Definition of comprehension

Definition of comprehension

  • Understanding writer’s intention.

  • It’s difficult to match with reader’s and the writer’s intention

  • Since text does Not have only one meaning but Reflective and multiple meanings (Williams, 1983)

  • Since people interpret using one’s own Mental representation

  • Which is Depend on learners’ experiences. (Urquhart, 1987)

So it has to be

So it has to be




Reading skills


  • Understanding text meaning =mental representation

  • Each individual’s knowledge is the result of constant conceptual reformulation through various experiences,

  • Dog, apple, knive?

Aims of comprehension questions

Aims of comprehension questions

  • To check comprehension

  • To facilitate comprehension

  • Simply to ensure that the learner reads the text. (Williams and Moran, 1989)



What if, Problems occur before or during reading?

Expectation of comprehension checking

Expectation of comprehension checking

May causes

reading problems

by encouraging a studial reading habit which in fact inhibits the reading process (Williams and Moran, 1989; Masuhara, 1998; tomlinson, 2000)



Pre-, and during comprehension check up activities are needed


than comprehension. (Masuhara, 1998, neuroscience and cognitive psychology)

So what did you learn from reading this section

So what did you learn from reading this section?

  • Need comprehension checkup before and during

  • Before reading  activate one’s knowledge and experience to understand the text.

  • During reading  activate learners’ understanding of the writer’s intention

  • After reading  language based comprehension checkup, interpretation opportunities.

  • Do we have that kind?

Language focused

Language focused

  • Vocabulary

  • Reading with listening

  • Make a sentence

  • Comprehension check up questions

  • Writing sentence

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