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Line Loss Notification Report CLEC CARE CUSTOMER EDUCATION PACKAGE Line Loss Notification Report Overview

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Line Loss




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Line Loss Notification Report


The Line Loss Notification Report is a daily report containing completed disconnect orders (D orders) or partial disconnect activity (C orders). The purpose of the report is to notify our Competitive Local Exchange Customers (CLECs) that they have lost either a portion of or an entire customer account. This report is updated daily with accounts that have completed both the ordering and billing processes error-free. Information for the report is extracted from the disconnect reason submitted on the Local Service Request (LSR). The disconnect reason is populated either manually by the service representative or electronically in the Local Exchange Service Order Generator (LESOG).

The Line Loss Report is posted to each CLEC’s individual Internet web page and contains only those accounts that carry the CLEC's RESH/AECN. Information is maintained for seven (7) consecutive calendar days before the record is deleted.

Issue Date 08/04

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Line Loss Notification Report

  • Report Purpose

    • Intended to be an information tool for your business concerning daily account losses

    • Driven by data in the source systems

    • NOT intended to be used for CLEC billing purposes

Issue Date 08/04

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Line Loss Notification Report

  • Process Flow

  • The local service request (LSR) is the mechanism by which a CLEC instructs BellSouth how to handle end-user customers. The service provider issues LSRs to disconnect or partially disconnect service(s) for their end-user customers.

  • BellSouth receives the LSR and generates a service order in the BellSouth Service Order Communication System (SOCS).

Issue Date 08/04

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Line Loss Notification Report

  • Process Flow

  • An extract is taken nightly from SOCS for C (migration) and D (disconnect) order types that meet the following criteria:

    • A company code (RESH or AECN) in the IDENT section of the SOCS order.

    • A disconnect (DCR) or partial disconnect (PDCR) in the bill section of the SOCS order.

    • A SOCS status of CPX (order completed through all systems) or PCX (order completed pending total completion in hold file).

    • If the order has reached completion status by 5:30 p.m., it will post on the next day’s line loss report. If completed after 5:30 p.m., posting will be on the second day after the completion.

Issue Date 08/04

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Line Loss Notification Report

  • Process Flow

  • The service order has to complete the ordering and billing processes error free before the order can be released to the line loss report.

    • For example:

      • A service order can go into an OCPX or OPCX status which indicates a billing error. The physical work is complete in the network but the error occurred when the order attempted to process through the BellSouth billing system. The completion date reflects the date the customer received phone service. The loss notification report will post the loss when the service representative clears the billing error on the service order. This will cause a delay in reporting the loss.

Issue Date 08/04

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Line Loss Notification Report

  • Important Facts

  • The Line Loss Notification Report is available via the Performance Measurement and Analysis Platform (PMAP) website located at or through XML/SOAP.

  • The report is updated daily, except on Sunday.

  • Each day’s report replaces the previous report.

  • Information captured on the report remains for 7 calendar days before being removed.

  • It is the responsibility of the CLEC to download and archive this information.

  • Additional information can be found in the Line Loss Notification User’s Guide located on the PMAP website at

Issue Date 08/04

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Line Loss Notification Report

  • System Access

  • To obtain access to the line loss notification report, complete a password request form available on the PMAP website at

  • Inactive accounts over 90 days old will be disabled and a new password will need to be assigned.

  • Once you have received your password, you may log-in to the PMAP website and select “View Operations Reports”.

  • On the operations reports page, select the loss notification report and then select the OCN of reports you wish to review or choose ALL OCNs.

  • Line losses for the OCN(s) will be listed by telephone number, name and completion date.

  • To report a system problem, contact the BellSouth Electronic Interface Support Team (EC Support) at 1-888-462-8030.

Issue Date 08/04