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Quick review:What do we mean by student readiness, student learning profile, and student interest?What are the differences between these?. Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. Verbal/LinguisticMathematical/LogicalVisual/SpatialMusicalBodily/KinestheticInterpersonalIntrapersonalNatural

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Differentiated Instruction

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1. Differentiated Instruction Session #7: Multiple Intelligences

2. Quick review: What do we mean by student readiness, student learning profile, and student interest? What are the differences between these?

3. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Verbal/Linguistic Mathematical/Logical Visual/Spatial Musical Bodily/Kinesthetic Interpersonal Intrapersonal Naturalist

4. Some MI Products/Activities Verbal/Linguistic Poem Joke Speech Newspaper article Word game Reaction paper Screenplay Debate Mathematical/Logical Graph Timeline Logic puzzle Venn diagram Equations Patterns Charts Recipes

5. Some MI Products/Activities Visual Spatial Mosaic Symbols Illustration Collage Storyboard Photo essay Map Musical Song Poem or rap Jingle Soundtrack CD liner notes Musical collage Performance

6. Some MI Products/Activities Bodily/Kinesthetic Role playing Skit Gestures Dance Pantomime Game Model/design Interpersonal Dialogue Debate Persuasive speech Group project Brainstorming

7. Some MI Products/Activities Intrapersonal Journal/diary Autobiography Independent study Self-assessment Reflection Quotations Naturalist Field study Planting Experiment Observation Photography Collection

8. Some MI No-No’s The attempt to teach all concepts or subjects using all the intelligences The belief that it suffices…just to go through the motions of exercising a certain intelligence The direct evaluation of intelligences without regard to context or content Gardner, 1995

9. The Positives of MI The cultivation of desired capabilities Approaching a concept, subject matter, discipline in a variety of ways The personalization of education Gardner, 1995

10. Homework Assignment: Barometers You are a barometer. Write a letter to a thermometer explaining why you are the better of the two. Be sure to make a strong case for yourself! Create an illustration or diagram that explains how barometers work and what they measure. How might you explain this information to someone who cannot read?

11. The Bremen Town Musicians: Setting Make a pictorial map of the animals’ trip to Bremen Town. What did they see along the way? What are some major landmarks that they might have passed? Make a “Welcome to Bremen Town” folder that shows and tells why animals might want to move there. Why would they like it there? What are some highlights of Bremen Town?

12. Algebra: Finding the Equation of a Line Prepare a rap that teaches how to find the equation of a line given two points. Make a flow chart that shoes the steps involved in finding the equation of a line using two points.

13. Branches of US Government Which branch of government would you most like to be a member of? Why? Justify your choice in a paragraph. Create a new symbol for each branch of government that demonstrates the roles and powers of each branch.

14. Group discussion… How are you already using MI in your classroom/instruction? How you can further apply this model in your teaching?

15. Topics highlighted during this course: Communicating about differentiation Managing a differentiated classroom Learning objectives and differentiation The role of assessment in a differentiated classroom Tiered assignments Multiple Intelligences Differentiating RAFT assignments and Complex Instruction tasks

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