artificial intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence. Jamie Henderson Stephen Rodriquez Megan Giehl. The Humans are Dead. A.I.

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artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Jamie Henderson

Stephen Rodriquez

Megan Giehl

  • Definition: (noun) the capacity of a computer to perform operations analogous, to learning and decision making in humans as by an expert system, a program for CAD or CAM, or a program for the perception and recognition of shapes in computer vision systems.
history of a i
History of A.I.
  • First appeared in Greek Myths
  • Alan Turning
    • Theory of computation
      • Discovered that a machine could solve any math equation  Led to the idea of building an electronic brai
  • 1921  The term ‘robot’ was coined
  • 1956 Founded at a Research conference in 1956
    • Leaders of A.I.: John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky, Allen Newell, Herbert Simon
  • 1966 Alicebot
  • Since then researchers have been striving to develop robots with human-like capabilities…

How have you seen A.I. developed over your life time and do you think A.I. is more a reality or a fantasy right now?

representations of a i smart house clip
Representations of A.I.Smart House Clip
  • House Clip)
  • Notice: Gender
  • Are robots deemed to be helpers? And if they are, do we automatically assume that robots should be ‘motherly?’
representations of a i moon clip
Representations of A.I.Moon Clip
  • Clip)
    • GERTY is in complete control and is able to create & manipulate humans
  • Q: Do we want to create something that is smarter than us? Or do we risk losing control?
    • “We get delighted when the computer is wrong”
asimov s 3 laws of robotics
Asimov’s 3 Laws of Robotics
  • 1942
  • 1. A robot may not injure a human being or harm them
  • 2. A robot must obey humans unless it will cause them harm
  • 3. A robot must protect its own existence although it must not harm humans & it must obey humans
Modern Examples & the Future of A.I.Is technology helping us through the use of artificial intelligence?
  • Siri (commercial)
  • Honda Asimo (Futuristic)
  • (find starting/stopping points)