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Compare / Contrast essay PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Compare / Contrast essay. Notes from your thesis & sample essays. Make sure the thesis is specific. Meh : “Macbeth can be compared to Hilter ” Meh : “Macbeth and the Joker are similar” Meh : “While they may look different, Macbeth and Hitler are very similar ”

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Compare / Contrast essay

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Compare / Contrast essay

Notes from your thesis & sample essays

  • Make sure the thesis is specific.

    • Meh: “Macbeth can be compared to Hilter”

    • Meh: “Macbeth and the Joker are similar”

    • Meh: “While they may look different, Macbeth and Hitler are very similar”

    • Meh: Macbeth can be compared and contrasted to the Joker.”

    • Better: “Both Mabeth and Napoleon Bonaparte resemble tragic heros who made similar decisions in their lives; however, Napolen’s end was more tragic because he had good intentions while Macbeth’s were evil”

    • Better: “Although their treatments after death were different, Macbeht and Michael Jackson are similar because of their early fame and how they were both misunderstood as their fame increased”

Notes from your thesis

  • Don’t compare traits:

    • “both intellegent”

    • “both good looking”

  • Think about what drives the characters and keep a focus

    • “Macbeth is driven by his own lust for power while the Joker is driven by redemption for ills against his family.”

Notes from your thesis

  • Not gonna lie, Hitler is tough

  • Finally, remember a lot of information will show up elsewhere in your intro

    • “Macbeth, the title character from Shakespeare’s Macbeth”

Notes from your thesis

  • Underline the thesis

  • What does this student do well in the first two paragraphs?

  • What can this student revise in the first two paragraphs?

  • I’ve given you another sample to peruse at your leisure.

Sample student essay

  • In your journal, answer “Pre-Reading Journal Entry” on page 277

  • Read together

  • Answer:

    • Questions for Close Reading #1

    • Questions about the Writer’s Craft #s 1 & 2

Sample essay“The Ugly Truth About Beauty”

  • Look over your previous essay.

  • What is at least one goal you have for this essay?

On your brainstorm sheet

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