2013 common block development evaluation and feedback
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2013 Common Block Development Evaluation and Feedback - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2013 Common Block Development Evaluation and Feedback. February 26, 2014. Evaluation Components. CBD activities – hours and completion rate Stakeholder feedback Faculty (focus groups, FDR survey) Academic Leadership Service Leaders’ Team Student feedback. CBD Activities – How Much Time?.

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2013 Common Block Development Evaluation and Feedback

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2013 Common Block Development Evaluation and Feedback

February 26, 2014

Evaluation Components

  • CBD activities – hours and completion rate

  • Stakeholder feedback

    • Faculty (focus groups, FDR survey)

    • Academic Leadership

    • Service Leaders’ Team

  • Student feedback

  • CBD Activities – How Much Time?

    • Approximately 42,000 hours of faculty time were spent on CBD activities

    • Greatest usage of time allocated to:

      • Curriculum renewal and/or development

      • E-learning

      • Applied learning

      • Professional development

      • Program review

    • Estimated completion rate of planned activities:

      • Fully complete – 68 %

      • Partially complete – 20 %

    Stakeholder Feedback: Areas of Inquiry


    Strategic priorities


    Activity template

    Professional development opportunities

    Impact on service areas

    Recommendations for improvement

    Additional general feedback

    Stakeholder Feedback: Collaboration

    • 83 % of faculty rated collaboration with colleagues in their school as good or excellent

    • Collaboration with colleagues in other schools, contract faculty and support staff - not as strong

    • Good opportunity to collaborate with GAS faculty to make important curriculum changes

    • Support groups called upon most often to help:

      • Learning Technologists

      • eLearning Coaches

      • CLT Curriculum Consultants

      • Program Technicians/Technologists

    Stakeholder Feedback: Strategic Priorities

    • 89% of faculty agree progress was escalated against strategic priorities

    • Most significant progress made with: curriculum renewal/ development, program review, applied learning and e-learning

    • 81 % of faculty experienced barriers which included:

      • IT unable to support some ideas/software

      • Faculty overestimated the amount that could be accomplished

      • Too many meetings and committees

      • Learning curve associated with D2L

      • Cross-school integration not well planned

      • Availability of other faculty

      • Other duties (e.g. coordinator, semester start up, teaching)

    Stakeholder Feedback: Accountability

    89% of faculty agreed the accountability framework was fair

    83 % of faculty believed requirement to be on-site Tuesday – Thursday was fair

    87 % of faculty provided a mid-term progress update to their Dean/Chair; 82 % provided a final progress update

    Mid-term check in with the Dean was very helpful

    Team members held each other accountable; faculty held themselves accountable

    Stakeholder Feedback: Activity Template

    • Only 52 % of faculty rated the Activity Template as easy to use

    • Comments ranged from "very easy to use and clear” to "fairly useless“ and “cumbersome”

    • Structure gave the Deans ability to track activity progress

    • Suggestions for improvement included:

      • Allow for more rows to be added and more space to type

      • Focus on outcomes rather than time (i.e. getting close to 44 hours per week)

      • Ensure faculty consider time required for activities such as travel, booking meetings, setting agendas

      • Simplify the reporting

    Stakeholder Feedback: Professional Development

    • 94 % of faculty believed PD activities were relevant and would enhance the student learning experience

    • 68 % of faculty agreed CBD provided opportunities for PD related to their professional field

    • Overall, PD was well received; topics were relevant and interesting

    • Suggestions for improvement:

      • Schedule PD week prior to CBD to allow full 7-weeks of CBD

      • Send PD schedule further in advance

      • More detailed description of topics

    Stakeholder Feedback: Other Improvement Suggestions

    • Early planning, better preparation

    • Involve faculty in the identification of priorities

    • Notify Facilities of CBD room/space needs in advance

    • Better cross-school coordination and planning

    • Account for preparation time for the Fall semester

    • Ensure a manageable and realistic number of projects

    Stakeholder Feedback: Other Improvement Suggestions (cont’d)

    • More involvement of contract faculty and technologists

    • Reinforce faculty accountability

    • Focus on improvements to rooms (classrooms, labs), tools

    • Required completion of course outlines during CBD period

    • Complete textbook/course material/supply orders prior to leaving for vacation

    Student Feedback

    • Faculty/course evaluations completed by students in the 2013 Spring/Summer semester

    • Overall evaluation score

      • College = 92 %

      • Schools’ scores range from 91 % - 96 %

    • Faculty Evaluation

      • Schools’ scores range from 93 % - 97 %

      • A very big thank you to our contract faculty !

    Stakeholder Feedback: Other General Comments

    • Overall CBD was a great opportunity for faculty to have dedicated time to focus on projects and work with colleagues

    • Excellent opportunity to connect with other faculty to exchange best practices and plan improvements

    • CBD should be continued

    • Productive and rewarding initiative that was greatly appreciated by the vast majority of faculty

    More Information

    2013 CBD Evaluation Summary available on the Academic section of the HR Website:


    Questions or Additional Feedback ?

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