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Regional Clearance System (Advance) Development and Deployment of the NEW RCS Small Vessel Clearance System. May 2012. Agenda. RCS Advance: Original RCS 2000 rebuilt Operated in St. Lucia and BVI as Pilot Pre-Arrival Notification: eSeaClear Harmonized Clearance Form with / Immigration

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Regional Clearance System (Advance) Development and Deployment of the NEW RCSSmall Vessel Clearance System

May 2012


  • RCS Advance: Original RCS 2000 rebuilt

  • Operated in St. Lucia and BVI as Pilot

  • Pre-Arrival Notification: eSeaClear

  • Harmonized Clearance Form with / Immigration

  • Strategy for phased Deployment in Region

Rcs advance
RCS Advance

  • Complete rebuild using current Web technologies to improve user efficiency

  • Functional improvements based on feedback from Assessment Site Visits (CCLEC & Developer)

  • Data Entry module complete 2008

  • PAN module complete 2008

  • Data Query and Analysis module ready by 2009


  • Inport- Lists all vessels entered / inbound in a port

  • Enroute- Lists all vessels that indicate intentions to visit a port / country

    • Through eSeaclear

    • Through being outbound at another port

  • Outbound- Lists all vessels cleared out

  • Overstay- Lists all vessels cleared and remaining past declared date of departure

Seizure intelligence database
Seizure Intelligence Database

  • Database of seizures (Drugs, Cites, Commercial goods, Firearms, Human Trafficking, etc.)

    • Enter New Seizures

    • View Seizure details, offenders, photos

  • Customs, Police, Coastguard- all agencies

    • Credit given to seizing agencies

  • Regional and international publication, exposure (Canada, Caribbean, France, Netherlands, Spain, UK,)

Pilot and rollout
Pilot and Rollout

  • RCSA pilot program completed in St. Lucia and BVI 2008 to ensure:

    • Software worked under real-life conditions

    • Customs front-line staff ready for the new procedure

    • Immigration officers also able to facilitate speedier clearance

Pre arrival notification
Pre-Arrival Notification

  • Yacht operators able to enter all details of pending voyage via web based system: eSeaClear

  • Customs able to conduct Risk Assessment PRIOR TO the arrival of vessel and crew

  • Clearance information moved into RCSA by Customs staff with minimal effort…a few mouse clicks

  • Caribbean Marine Association - CMA fully supports the deployment of eSeaClear and is actively promoting its use to yacht operators

Pre arrival notification1
Pre-Arrival Notification

Vessel Operator enters arrival notification:

Notification immediately available to Customs:

Harmonized clearance form
Harmonized Clearance Form

  • CCLEC coordinated efforts between Customs departments and approved a common Clearance Form for use with RCSA

  • Additional fields of information added to form to help satisfy Immigration clearance procedures

  • Critical that both Customs and Immigration can use the new system to speed Clearance for the yachting public

Pre requisites for rcsa
Pre-requisites for RCSA

  • Agreement on the elements for the harmonized form

  • Connectivity and recommended hardware

  • Repositioning of the system to the front end of the clearance process.

  • Engagement with Immigration Authorities

  • Promote use and awareness of the system within local admins and yachting community

  • Technical support – Systems admin and JIO

    • Tutoring, installation, daily, live support, analytical support

Strategy for further deployment
Strategy for Further Deployment

  • Pilot program concluded 2008

  • Assess feedback and distribute report

  • Expand system around pilot sites

  • Progressive expansion to include all user countries based on readiness to implement

  • Data remains owned and shared by regional administrations via MOU

Rcsa deployment
RCSA Deployment

  • BVI

  • St. Lucia

  • St. Vincent and Grenadines

  • (Martinique)

  • Dominica

  • Montserrat

  • St. Kitts and Nevis

  • Anguilla

  • St. Maarten

Rcsa deployment1
RCSA Deployment

  • Cayman Islands

  • Aruba and Curacao

  • Antigua

  • Grenada

  • Bermuda


    RCS 2000 still operates in

    Jamaica, Bahamas, Barbados, Turks and Caicos, Bonaire, Guadeloupe and remains available to all the above

Rcs successes

  • Caribbean & Metro countries use RCS/RCSA with increased results

    • Spain

    • UK

    • Canada

    • France

    • Netherlands


  • RCS Advance up and running in many territories

  • Pre-Arrival Notification- Enables Facilitation

  • RCSA and eSeaclear designed to minimize data entry burden on Customs staff- Enables Facilitation of Yachting Public

  • Pre-Arrival Notification helps support Intelligence Led Enforcement throughout the Region

  • Complete RCSA and SID data query modules

  • Communication forum of RCS 2000 and RCSA

Rcs successes capabilities

  • Streamline maritime clearance processes

    • Facilitate legitimate yachting public

  • Drug Seizures using RCS : over 30 tonnes

  • ID maritime trafficking trends

  • Locate suspect and wanted persons

  • Track the movement of suspect yachts

  • Platform for regional and international maritime anti-smuggling initiatives

  • Register and Track the movement of arms and ammunition on yachts

Learning points 2000 2012
Learning Points 2000-2012

  • Regional need for such a system

  • Clear contractual conditions must be set

  • Wholly owned by region through CCLEC

    • CCLEC concept and mandate

    • Traditional, regional collaborative culture

    • Freedom to share system/ maximize usage benefits

  • IPR/ Patent registration essential

  • Reliable funding - members and marketing

Future plans cclec
Future Plans - CCLEC

  • Develop/ Deploy a multi modal clearance system

    • Rapid deployment

    • More efficient and up to date technology

    • More user-friendly

    • Full collaboration with maritime community

    • Increased facilitation of yachting and traveling public

    • Secure Border Security usage (Customs , Immigration, etc.)

    • Increased border protection capabilities

    • Advertising / PR platform


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