purpose of government
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Purpose of Government

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Purpose of Government - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Purpose of Government. To form a more perfect union Establish justice Insure domestic tranquility Provide for the common defense Promote the general welfare Secure the blessings of liberty. Landmark English Documents.

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purpose of government
Purpose of Government
  • To form a more perfect union
  • Establish justice
  • Insure domestic tranquility
  • Provide for the common defense
  • Promote the general welfare
  • Secure the blessings of liberty
landmark english documents

Landmark English Documents

The basic notions of freedom and government can be traced back to several landmark documents in English history

the magna carta 1215
The Magna Carta (1215)
  • A group of land barons forced King John to sign the document, which established the principle that the king’s power is not absolute.
    • Trial by jury
    • Due process of the law
    • Protection from arbitrary taking of life, liberty, or property
provisions of oxford 1264 bicameral
Provisions of Oxford (1264)Bicameral
  • Written to limit the monarchy, it included the establishment of a baronial council that could veto the king’s decisions.
    • Established the parliament
    • Included the great land owning barons- House of Lords
    • Two knights from each sire
    • Two representatives from each town

House of Commons

petition of right 1628
Petition of Right (1628);
  • The king can not imprison political critics
  • Trial by jury
  • Rule the military in times of peace
  • People are not required to shelter troops without the homeowners consent
  • The petition challenged the idea of the divine right of kings and even the monarch must obey the law
the english bill of rights 1689
The English bill of Rights 1689
  • This document declared;
    • All elections be free and for everyone
    • The right to a fair and speedy trial
    • Freedom from excessive bail
    • Cruel and unusual punishment
john locke
John Locke
  • He was an English philosopher that stated; life, liberty and property were natural rights rather than privileges.
  • This heavily influenced the forefathers when writing the constitution and the U.S. bill of rights.
basic concept of government that influenced the colonies
Basic Concept of Governmentthat Influenced the Colonies
  • Ordered Government; to provided an orderly regulation with one another(sheriff, justice of the peace….)
  • Limited Government; gov. is limited in what it can, it is not all powerful
  • Represented Government; people have a voice in gov. “ Government by the people for the people”