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Distance learning feedback
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Distance Learning Feedback. Written Feedback. The Purpose of Feedback. Correct Misconceptions. Address Inaccuracies. Facilitate Improvement. The Purpose of Feedback. Improve Confidence. Increase Motivation. Increase Retention. Feedback Examples.

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Distance Learning Feedback

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Distance learning feedback

Distance Learning Feedback

Written Feedback

The purpose of feedback

The Purpose of Feedback







The purpose of feedback1

The Purpose of Feedback







Feedback examples

Feedback Examples

The next two slides give real life examples of feedback to students. Give some consideration to the statements and then complete Activities 1 & 2.

Feedback examples1

Feedback Examples

‘OK, but you could have given a bit of explanation’

‘This answer doesn’t make sense’.

‘You haven’t answered the Question’

‘J… you haven’t described the policy of your workplace – develop your answers’

Feedback examples2

Feedback Examples

  • ‘Far too brief again. You are asked to describe the arrangement’

  • ‘Answer in sentences. This doesn’t really explain why drugs are classified or controlled’

  • ‘So what happens? Who is involved? How do people communicate?’

  • ‘OK J… a couple of your answers could have been clearer but overall a high standard. Pass’

Activity 1

Activity 1

Have a think about how you might have given this feedback to students. Try the following activity

Activity 2

Activity 2

  • Have a think about how you might have given this feedback to students. Try the following activity

Characteristics of good feedback

Characteristics of Good Feedback

According to Francis and Young (1979)

Feedback should be: -

Clear and direct



Helpful and Supportive on tutor’s part

Well timed



  • Baume et al, suggest that the sandwich approach to giving feedback is well received


Sample feedback

Sample Feedback

Compare your Activity 1 written feedback here

Compare your Activity 2 written feedback here

Feedback process

Feedback Process

Read script

Make rough notes (for own use)

Use ticks on script (but not red pen)

Write comments to remind you

Explain the comments fully (refer to course notes)

Consider how student will perceive your feedback

Be Personal, Specific, Constructive, Positive

Feedback further reading web links

Feedback-Further ReadingWeb links

The Seven Principles of Good Feedback

Providing Constructive Feedback

Positive Reinforcement: The Power of Written Feedback

Extracts from ‘2000 Tips for Lecturers’

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