Working Well in Groups

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Review. There are times to work in groups and times to work alone.Leadership and power influences how a group functions.. Functional Group Roles. Functional Roles

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Working Well in Groups

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1. Working Well in Groups Chapter 8

2. Review There are times to work in groups and times to work alone. Leadership and power influences how a group functions.

3. Functional Group Roles Functional Roles – functions that are necessary for the group to do its job. Two types of functional roles Task Roles – helps accomplish the job. Relational Roles – keeps the interaction between members running smoothly.

4. Task Roles Examples of Task Roles Information/opinion giver Information/opinion seeker Energizer Direction giver Reality tester

5. Relational Roles Examples of Relational Roles Participation encourager Harmonizer Tension reliever Praise giver

6. Dysfunctional Roles Dysfunctional roles – activities that reduce the effectiveness of the group. Blocker Attacker Recognition seeker Joker Withdrawer

7. Group Norms Norm – unstated rule about appropriate group behavior. Examples of Norms Timeliness to meetings Feelings about disagreeing Communication patterns (interrupting, admitting mistakes, celebrating) Ideas about commitment to the group

8. Forming Group Norms Create desirable norms early. Comply with established group norms. Be aware of cultural differences. How do you handle group members who ignore group norms? Do nothing. Hint about the violation. Discuss the problem openly. Ridicule the violator. Reject the deviator.

9. Decision-Making Methods Consensus Majority Vote Minority Decision Expert Opinion Authority Rule

10. Choice of Decision-Making Method What type of decision is being made? How important is the decision? How much time is available? What are the personal relationships among members?

11. Ineffective Decision-Making Groupthink – an unwillingness to examine ideas critically. Desire harmony over discord for sake of a “good group experience” Risky Shift – group members take extreme positions Decisions more cautious Decisions are more risky

12. 1986 Challenger Explosion

13. 1986 Challenger Explosion

14. Texas A&M Bonfire

15. Texas A&M Bonfire Collapse

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