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The egan urban center
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The Egan Urban Center. Partnerships that foster social action John Zeigler Director of DePaul Egan Urban Center. The Egan Way. Influenced by the work of Msgr. John J Egan The pursuit of social justice. Building Partnerships for Social Justice and Social Action.

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The Egan Urban Center

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The egan urban center

The Egan Urban Center

Partnerships that foster social action

John Zeigler Director of DePaul Egan Urban Center

The egan way

The Egan Way

  • Influenced by the work of Msgr. John J Egan

  • The pursuit of social justice

Building partnerships for social justice and social action

Building Partnerships for Social Justice and Social Action

Community partners identify, strategize, and organize around significant community issues that impact their lives such as:

Affordable housing, school reform, living-wage jobs, land-use and zoning, economic development, health care, and neighborhood safety

Community planning

Community Planning

Actively engaging community partners in being better informed about what is happening in their neighborhoods.

Helping to create safe spaces to build social capital

Equip residents with data and information on policy that can better help them understand their options

An example would be the Egan Urban Center’s Olympic report.

Community builders learning together

Community Builders Learning Together

What happens when cbos come together from different communities to learn from each other

What happens when CBOs come together from different communities to learn from each other?

  • Building social networks across communities

  • Lessons learned

  • Sharing resources

  • Developing new partnerships and coalitions



understanding the past in order to move forward

Self reflection and positionality

Identify organizations, stakeholders and the historical and political context of the community

Understand the community in relation to larger context (e.g. current policies)

Understand communities past relationship with university and community

Community engagement and partnerships

Community Engagement and Partnerships

  • Asset-based community engagement

    • Identify internal assets and resources through relationship networks, grassroots efforts, or research

    • Build social capital by linking assets and resources in a meaningful way through relationship-building

Identifying community assets

Identifying Community Assets

Community engagement

Community Engagement

Community engagement and partnerships1

Community Engagement and Partnerships

  • Community-driven and participatory approach

    • Community as experts, colleagues, and co-investigators

    • Building upon work in which the community is already engaged

    • Continuous dialogue and reflection within and between community and university on capacity-building projects, research, and the nature of the partnership

Maintaining momentum

Maintaining Momentum

What happens when the participation ebbs and the energy dissipates

Develop Proactive Strategies for Sustainability

Deepen and Broaden the Focus

Expand the Geographical Reach

Develop New or Non-Traditional Partners

Develop a Graceful Exit Strategy

Sustainable partnerships with schools the chicago public school initiative

Sustainable Partnerships with Schools: The Chicago Public School Initiative

Creating mutually beneficial partnerships between schools and their communities

Creating sustainable Community Liaison positions within each school

Community Liaison-organized community asset-mapping and relationship-building to connect resources

Critical reflective moments

Critical Reflective Moments

The process of reflection consists of:

Stepping back into ones experience by retrieving its most important moments.

Reviewing its process with the eyes of its diverse actors.

Analyzing carefully those more relevant moments

Drawing lessons useful for the future

The Critical Moments are “turning points”, they are moments of change, when situations or feelings became better or worse.



investing in the time that supports “real”

relationships, networks, connections and

providing resources, information and helping community partners to develop their own knowledge around issues that effects their community

this allows for the creation of a powerful structure, mechanisms, foundations that builds support for social action.

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