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MTM’s Code of Conduct. Making the Right Decisions By: Jeanne Kues , Compliance Auditor, 1/30/2012. Outline. MTM’s Mission Statement MTM’s Vision Statement What is a Code of Conduct? MTM’s Eight-Part Code of Conduct Summary/Conclusion. MTM’s Mission Statement.

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Mtm s code of conduct

MTM’s Code of Conduct

Making the Right Decisions

By: Jeanne Kues, Compliance Auditor, 1/30/2012


  • MTM’s Mission Statement

  • MTM’s Vision Statement

  • What is a Code of Conduct?

  • MTM’s Eight-Part Code of Conduct

  • Summary/Conclusion

Mtm s mission statement
MTM’s Mission Statement

  • MTM’s mission is to be the premier manager of non-emergency transportation services, providing safe, reliable transportation for passengers and the best value for clients.

Mtm s vision statement
MTM’s Vision Statement

  • MTM strives to bring a direct and honest approach to the creation of innovative solutions for today’s health and social concerns, particularly in accessing medical care, medical program management, information management and new product development.

  • To achieve its vision, MTM develops best practices for managing transportation access to healthcare and social services for the disabled, underserved and elderly; providing reduced cost to clients and increased participant satisfaction.

What is a code of conduct
What is a Code of Conduct?

  • Also referred to as Code of Conduct and Ethics.

  • Companies create and stand by their Code of Conduct and/or Code of Conduct and Ethics, using it as a guide for all activities and decision making.

  • Like other companies, MTM’s Code of Conduct defines the expectations within the company: ethically, professionally, etc.

1 professional integrity
#1 Professional Integrity

  • Conducting business with integrity, honesty, and respect for others is the most important piece in understanding the MTM Code of Conduct.

  • No MTM employee or associate should ever knowingly conduct any business transaction that is not fair and honest, or does not abide by MTM’s proven standards of excellence.

  • Without threat of reprisal, employees and associates are welcome to report to their superiors or representative any situation that potentially deviates from MTM’s Code of Conduct.

2 conflicts of interest
#2 Conflicts of Interest

  • First and foremost, all employee and associate actions should be legal, honest, and respectful of the company position.

  • Employees/associates should not use their position or information they possess for their own personal gain when it conflicts with the company’s gain.

  • Participating in such activities as giving/receiving gifts for favorable outcomes, taking/receiving bribes, sharing insider secrets, etc. is strictly prohibited.

3 confidentiality
#3 Confidentiality

  • Employees/associates must maintain confidentiality not only of MTM’s proprietary information, but also all information pertaining and belonging to MTM clients and their membership.

  • MTM business, and information related to MTM business, should not be discussed outside of the workplace at any time.

  • MTM clients and their membership rely on MTM, the employees, and associates to guard their information from outside sources.

4 record keeping financial controls and disclosures
#4 Record-Keeping, Financial Controls, and Disclosures

  • Record keeping, in all aspects of MTM business dealings, must be honestly reported, accurate, and timely.

  • As many MTM records become “public”, it is critical for records to be complete and reported as honestly as possible, without exaggeration or guesswork.

  • Records are destroyed in accordance with current MTM policies.

5 protection and proper use of company assets
#5 Protection and Proper Use of Company Assets

  • MTM assets should be protected at all times and used with care and concern for their proper use.

  • MTM assets should not be used or abused in any way or for personal gain.

  • Improper use, or what might potentially be thought of as improper use, should be reported to a superior or the Human Resources Department.

6 discrimination and harassment
#6 Discrimination and Harassment

  • MTM’s goal is to treat everyone with respect; free of discrimination, harassment, and intimidation.

  • MTM employs and contracts with a diverse population of people across the country – all deserve to be treated equally and fairly.

  • Diversity within the MTM staff and networks only makes MTM stronger and more united.

7 health and safety
#7 Health and Safety

  • MTM is a weapons-free workplace.

  • MTM is a drug and alcohol-free workplace.

  • MTM prides itself on providing employees with a safe and secure workplace.

  • MTM wants employees and associates to have healthy habits in their personal lives, making them an even better employee for MTM in the long-term.

8 administration of code
#8 Administration of Code

  • Anyone that suspects any part of MTM’s Code of Conduct is not being followed have a duty to report it to a superior so the issue may be investigated and resolved.

  • If you question it as being dishonest or not in the best interest of MTM, report it and let Management make the determination.

  • You will not experience negative feedback for bringing a concern to the attention of your superiors.

Summary conclusion

  • Employees and associates are responsible for following MTM’s Mission, Vision, and Code of Conduct.

  • Employees and associates should conduct themselves in a manner that follows MTM’s Code of Conduct.

  • Employees and associates have a right to report what they may suspect is a violation of MTM’s Code of Conduct in confidence and without threat of reprisal.

  • Employees and associates make MTM what it is. You are valuable to MTM’s success each and every day.