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. Behind closed doorsAdditional training crisis, judicial, ethics. RAs and the Code of Conduct. RAs are expected to follow the UA Code of Conduct at all timesViolations of the Code of Conduct will result in referral to the Office of Community Standards and Student Ethics as well as possible loss

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Policies and Procedures

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1. Policies and Procedures RA Training – For Distribution to RD’s Fall 2009 Teresa Williamson

2. Behind closed doors Additional training – crisis, judicial, ethics

3. RAs and the Code of Conduct RAs are expected to follow the UA Code of Conduct at all times Violations of the Code of Conduct will result in referral to the Office of Community Standards and Student Ethics as well as possible loss of your position.

4. So where can I find the Code? UA Student Code of Conduct – online only - http://www.uark.edu/ua/uaprod/handbook/ Review these carefully, particularly the ones related to University Housing. Your residents may test you on this… Housing policies can be found online at http://housing.uark.edu/residencehandbook/

5. Alcohol Persons 21 years of age or older may consume alcohol in the privacy of their assigned room or the assigned room of another non-minor. The door must be closed.

6. Walk and Talk “Walk and Talk” …(you are only assessing) Coherent, passed out, vomiting, holding up walls, not making sense when talking… Severe cases – Contact UAPD or 911 FIRST then contact CRE Duty (always) RA’s and other students ARE NOT to be made responsible for drunk students – but how do we handle students who volunteer to take care of others??? Do not engage in arguing with UAPD over a student’s condition – contact the CRE on Duty

7. Alcohol Use and the RA RAs must abide by the UA Alcohol Policy RAs (even 21+) performing official duty (working desk, on-duty, etc.) may not consume alcohol or be under the effects of alcohol. RA staff who travel with student groups for official Housing trips may NOT consume alcohol off campus. Alcohol consumption by RAs off campus is a more complex issue that requires more conversation. May be covered in section on ethics.

8. 24 Hour Courtesy Quiet Hours No noise which would be disturbing to other residents attempting to study or sleep. Generally defined as audible from “two doors down” ENFORCE THIS AND ENFORCE IT CONSISTENTLY! # 1 complaint of residents…noise!

9. Smoking The University of Arkansas began a new FRESH campaign – a NO-SMOKING campaign. We will NOT be enforcing this policy this year, however, please remind students who smoke around the outside of the residence halls… NO SMOKING IN HALLS – period.

10. Candles No candles permitted in any residence hall room – burning or not. This includes decorative candles Includes large clums of wickless wax NO incense !!! No halogen lamps

11. Pets Only harmless fish If a pet is found it is to be removed immediately from campus – instruct student to take pet to animal shelter if they do not have a home for it off campus. Roaches (and squirrels) are provided free of charge?

12. Escort Policy All guests (non-residents of that building) must be escorted at all times – this includes PARENTS, GIRLFRIENDS, BOYFRIENDS…etc. This includes RAs who are not acting in an official capacity at the time – RA’s MAY NOT use their ID and status to enter a building they do not live in or are not working in … This also includes the pizza delivery person – residents have to meet them downstairs.

13. Visitation Hours Opposite-sex visitation hours are regulated and will be posted at each hall. Co-ed halls with restricted visitation should not have residents on the floors of opposite-sex residents during restricted hours. YES, these rules apply to you as well.

14. Electrical Appliances Basically, one SMALL refrigerator and one microwave per room. See policy for more details. No George Foreman grills or appliances with “open” heating coils. No toasters, toaster ovens, etc No AC or Heating Units

15. Lofts No “homemade” ALLOWED - this includes cinder blocks, PVC pipes, etc. Note – there might be an exclusion for purchased kits under 6 inches. Lofts may be rented (for most halls) through LoftConcepts.com

16. Public Area Furniture Public Area Furniture should remain in Public Areas. Furniture (public or in-room) CANNOT be removed and used outside of residence hall Such furniture moved to private rooms will be considered theft. This includes signs, trashcans, etc.

17. Solicitation/Canvassing No one is permitted to solicit sales for goods or services in the residence halls. No “door to door” canvassing. This includes Greeks promoting events or parties, pizza businesses and newspapers, etc. Students are not permitted to run a business out of their assigned room (this includes RA’s and includes Avon, EBAY, Mary Kay parties, etc.)

18. Weapons Policy No guns, archery equipment, explosives, fireworks, knives with blades longer than 3.5 inches, or other weapons allowed on campus. This includes in student automobiles. NO paintball guns… No, No, No – Air Soft Guns – NO EXCEPTION (campus policy)

19. Now for staff policies…

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