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TITLE SLIDE. We are a company that. was formed in 2006 works exclusively with schools has a diverse and growing portfolio of ICT based products has contracts with, and provides a service to over 6000 schools in the United Kingdom

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Title slide


We are a company that

We are a company that ...

  • was formed in 2006

  • works exclusively with schools

  • has a diverse and growing portfolio of ICT based products

  • has contracts with, and provides a service to over 6000 schools in the United Kingdom

  • has developed BW through working with schools, assimilating and accommodating their needs

The aim of this presentation is to demonstrate

The aim of this presentation is to demonstrate...

a bespoke BFL solution

a superb tool for analysing and communicating data

an easy system for staff to log both positive and negative incidents

a paperless system that saves time

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Recording incidents

Entering information


We build BW to your specifications – for example, here is a screen for recording positive incidents

Title slide

Entering information…

Mr McPhee needs to record an incident that has happened in his Maths lesson – an Amber Level incident

Title slide

Entering information…

He types the first letter of the surname in the drop-down box and he can select the student

Title slide

Entering information…

If he wanted to add several names then he could “select form”

Other students were involved so he adds their names and writes a brief description

Title slide

Entering information…

When the incident is saved BehaviourWatch automatically informs those who need to know.

He then selects “Incident Type” and “Action”– if the action is a detention, and there is a clash, BehaviourWatch will tell you.

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Record information by class using fully adaptable headings.

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Information is immediately available to everyone

Information is immediately available to everyone…

BW will alert you if students are involved in

“x” number of incidents in “y” period of time.

Title slide

When the teacher clicks Save and Close,

all relevant staff can be informed via

automatic emails from the system.

Title slide

Track Conversation will create an audit trail of staff communication

about an incident.

Creating automatic reports

Creating automatic reports ....

Here is an example of a Real Time Notification for the Head of Year

Title slide

Creating automatic reports ....

A Daily Management Report for the Form Tutor

Title slide

Creating automatic reports ....

A specific report for The Head of Maths

Detentions immediately appear on the detention register

Detentions immediately appear on the Detention Register .......

Use filters to refine your search

Double-click on a student to see the incident details

If detention needs to be reset then use “Next Available Detention”

Use buttons to mark whether present or absent

BW makes it easy to manage detentions throughout the school


Letters ...

If you wish to send a letter home, select “Write Letter”…

Title slide

Letters ...

Use the drop-down menu to locate the correct template

and then select the letter template that you wish to use


Letters ...

BW populates the letter, which can be printed on your headed notepaper. All letters are logged on the system.

and the letter appears in the bottom part of the screen

The template appears in the top part of the screen

Title slide


Access to and use of reports

Access to, and use of, reports.......

Click “Show Report”

Click the “Reports” button in the top right of the screen..........

....... and you have access to the tabs which show the different types of report – select your Report Type

Use the filters to specify your search parameters

............ is quick and easy

Title slide

Incidents over time .......

Click on any bar and you will see .....

.... the incidents which make up that bar of the graph

Click on an individual incident ......

Title slide

Incidents over time .......

....... and the specific details appear

.... from graph to specifics in two clicks

Incidents over time

Incidents over time .......

Incident report

Incident report .......

Note the rewards that have been given throughout the school for “Attitude to Learning” .........

...... but set the filter to “Geography” and clearly there is an issue that needs to be addressed

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Other students have become Student X – and he can safely give the chronology to Calvin’s parents to take home

Mr Delaney, the Head of Year is going to meet with Calvin’s parents and give them an account of all his incidents

Note: although this is Calvin’s report other student names appear

Title slide


Effectively keep track of rewards for individuals, forms, houses etc. Customise to suit your own system.

Title slide

Behaviour Radar...identifies incident hotspots…

  • Select from Form, Staff, Ethnicity, Free School Meals, Class, Location, Period, Day of Week on the “x” axis, and from either Subject or Period on the “y” axis of your graph

Title slide

Behaviour Radar...

Form & Subject

Title slide

Behaviour Radar...

Location & Subject

Title slide

Behaviour Radar...

Location & Period


Inferences ...

BehaviourWatch will produce an inference if there is statistical significance in the data that has been logged

Title slide

Reporting toParents

Reporting to parents

Reporting to parents .......

Compatible with :

.......... plus others

Reporting to parents benefits

Reporting to parents - benefits…

  • fully automated

  • school configurable

  • links seamlessly with your online learning gateway

  • separate password not required by parents

Title slide



Title slide

When you subscribe to BehaviourWatch you will receive:

A completely bespoke behaviour management system

An organic system that can be changed and adapted if required

Anytime, anywhere access to the data

Complete confidentiality of the data, backed up on secure servers

Updates to the system whenever new features are added

Training for all staff

Technical support

Termly visit with support and advice from a BehaviourWatch consultant

Title slide

“We selected BehaviourWatch to provide a bespoke BFL solution for Coopers - and we are now beginning to see more of the consistent approach to BFL we were hoping for!

BehaviourWatch is a superb tool for analysing and communicating data around the school, over and above what we were able to achieve with our previous system. It is now much easier for staff to log both positive and negative incidents.

We are pleased to report that since the start of the term we have been able to log over 1700 positive incidents, compared to just 400 negative!! This is a real plus as it also highlights those many students who demonstrate good behaviour on a regular basis…and you know how important I think that is in making BFL a successful venture!”

Follow assistant principal Jane Salt's regular blog about Cooper Technology College's new Behaviour for Learning programmeBehaviour for Learning: 9 February 2010

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  • Dear Sally (please also forward this to relevant superiors etc)

  • Further to our conversation on Wednesday, I am writing to express my gratitude for the excellent support and customer service I have received recently. Over the summer period we have had many network issues etc which has meant that prior to rolling out the BehaviourWatch system a lot of last minute changes were required. Peter Burgess and Karl Craig-West in particular have been unbelievably helpful in presenting solutions to these issues. Not only have they been helpful in respect of the service I would expect to receive but they have both gone above and beyond what is expected by fielding my calls and providing support over holiday periods and weekends as well in order to get our system up and running in time. I find it hard to believe that other companies would be lucky enough to employ people who would not only field calls on a Sunday morning but also do so with aplomb putting their customers at complete ease. Equally the communication I have received from Karl has been second to none - I know when things have been sent to developers / fixed / changed probably as soon as he does.

  • I cannot praise highly enough the service i have received so far and look forward to continuing this working relationship for many years to come.

  • Thank you,

  • Aaron Kay - Sowerby Bridge High School

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