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Title Slide Data Sources Alhurra & Radio Sawa Surveys

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Title slide l.jpg

Title Slide

Data sources l.jpg

Data Sources

Alhurra radio sawa surveys l.jpg

Alhurra & Radio Sawa Surveys

Survey research for Alhurra TV and Radio Sawa in the Middle East is done by ACNielsen and D3 Systems (for Iraq and Syria only) through the BBG's global research program independently managed by the Washington, DC-based research firm InterMedia. Unless otherwise noted, interviews are face-to-face among adults (aged 15+) .

Reach l.jpg


Middle east reach l.jpg

Middle East Reach

Total audience of alhurra and radio sawa l.jpg

Total Audience of Alhurra and Radio Sawa

Alhurra tv and radio sawa weekly audiences by country l.jpg

Alhurra TV and Radio Sawa Weekly Audiences by Country

Alhurra trends l.jpg

Alhurra Trends

Daily and weekly viewership of alhurra l.jpg

Daily and Weekly Viewership of Alhurra

Base: All respondents

Radio sawa trends l.jpg

Radio Sawa Trends

Radio sawa listeners under 30 l.jpg

Radio Sawa Listeners Under 30

Alhurra in the broadcast environment l.jpg

Alhurra in the Broadcast Environment

Station comparison yesterday viewing l.jpg

Station Comparison: Yesterday Viewing

Algeria 2007 l.jpg

Algeria 2007

Bahrain 2006 l.jpg

Bahrain 2006

Egypt 2008 l.jpg

Egypt 2008

Iraq 2008 l.jpg

Iraq 2008

Jordan 2008 l.jpg

Jordan 2008

Kuwait 2007 l.jpg

Kuwait 2007

Lebanon 2008 l.jpg

Lebanon 2008

Morocco 2008 l.jpg

Morocco 2008

Oman 2008 l.jpg

Oman 2008

Saudi arabia 2008 l.jpg

Saudi Arabia 2008

Syria 2008 l.jpg

Syria 2008

Uae 2008 l.jpg

UAE 2008

Weekly audiences in millions main regional stations l.jpg

Weekly Audiences in Millions:Main Regional Stations

Reliability l.jpg


Reliability of alhurra l.jpg

Reliability of Alhurra

Reliability of radio sawa l.jpg

Reliability of Radio Sawa

Understanding l.jpg


Understanding question l.jpg

“Understanding” Question

Q: To what extent has your listening to Radio Sawa/viewing of Alhurra increased your understanding of: current events/American culture and society/U.S. policies?

  • A great deal

  • Somewhat

  • Very little

  • Not at all

  • Don’t know/Not relevant

Alhurra understanding of current events l.jpg

Alhurra: Understanding of Current Events

Alhurra understanding of u s culture and society l.jpg

Alhurra:Understanding of U.S. Culture and Society

Alhurra understanding of u s policies l.jpg

Alhurra:Understanding of U.S. Policies

Radio sawa understanding of current events l.jpg

Radio Sawa Understanding of Current Events

Radio sawa understanding of culture society l.jpg

Radio Sawa Understanding of Culture & Society

Radio sawa understanding of us policies l.jpg

Radio Sawa Understanding of US Policies

Radio sawa as a news source l.jpg

Radio Sawa asa News Source

The question l.jpg

The Question

  • While surveys showed from the start that Sawa was attracting large audiences, critics charged that listeners were using it solely as an entertainment station.

  • Are listeners in fact using Sawa for news or are they switching off when the news comes on?

What do listeners do when the news comes on l.jpg

What Do Listeners Do When the News Comes On?

  • Q.When you are listening to Radio Sawa and the news comes on do you usually?

    • Listen the same as to any other program

    • Pay more attention

    • Pay less attention

    • Switch to another station

    • No special pattern

    • Don’t know/Not relevant

What do sawa listeners do when the news comes on l.jpg

What Do Sawa Listeners Do When The News Comes On?

Using radio sawa for news l.jpg

Using Radio Sawa For News

Tv channels used for news l.jpg

TV Channels Used for News

  • Did you watch [LIST OF CHANNELS] in the last 12 months?

  • When was the last time you watched [EACH CHANNEL WATCHED IN LAST 12 MONTHS]?

  • And of the channels you have mentioned [ALL CHANNELS WATCHED IN LAST 12 MONTHS], which do you regularly use for news and information about current events?

Regular use of alhurra for news l.jpg

“Regular” Use of Alhurra for News

Frequency of watching news on alhurra l.jpg

Frequency of Watching News on Alhurra

  • You mentioned that you have watched Alhurra. How often do you watch the news on that station?

Frequency of watching alhurra for news l.jpg

Frequency of Watching Alhurra for News

Most important channels for news and information l.jpg

Most Important Channels for News and Information

  • Among the channels you use for news and information [CHANNELS MENTIONED IN C.4.5], which one is your most important source of news and information?

  • Which is the second most important source of news and information?

  • Which is the third most important source of news and information?

Alhurra as a top news source l.jpg

Alhurra as a Top News Source

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