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Weather Instruments PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UFO’s/Nature. Weather Instruments. Logan. UFO Mistakes. A lot of people see flashes of light and believe it’s a UFO. M ost of them are laser lights or lightning. O ther sightings are satellites or weather balloons.

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Weather Instruments

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Weather Instruments


UFO Mistakes

  • A lot of people see flashes of light and believe it’s a UFO. Most of them are laser lights or lightning.

    Other sightings are satellites or weather balloons.

  • Most sightings are fake, usually they are Photoshop or just home-made.


Lightning Rods

  • Lightning rods are usually found at the top of a tall building.

  • Lightning rods are made so they are the tallest things out there so trees and buildings don’t get struck and caught on fire.

  • More than 2 million strikes hit a lightning rod every year.


  • The barometer is used to check what air pressure is at a certain time.

  • Barometers checkHIGH Pressure and LOW PRESSURE!

  • An aneroid barometer uses a small, flexible metal box called an aneroid cell. This aneroid capsule cell is made from an alloy of beryllium and copper.

Weather Balloon

  • Weather balloons are used for measuring particular parameters such as determining the ozone concentration.

  • When the facts are found the balloon sends it back to a radar.

  • A weather balloon is inflated to a volume of 25.5 CM.


  • Satellites are one of the most important weather tracking devices.

  • Satellites are used most for tracking hurricanes and tropical storms.

  • Sometimes satellitesget hit by meteorites and fall out of orbit and enter Earth’s atmosphere.

  • More than 100 satellites have hit cars in the U.S. They usually burn up before reaching ground.

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