4hplus year end part 2
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4HPlus Year end: Part 2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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4HPlus Year end: Part 2. History Cards, Backup, Creating New Year, Initializing Data, Entering Enrollments, And Beyond. History Cards. History cards are used to give a quick view of the past years participation of the member or leader.

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4hplus year end part 2

4HPlus Year end:Part 2

History Cards, Backup,

Creating New Year,

Initializing Data,

Entering Enrollments,

And Beyond

History cards
History Cards

  • History cards are used to give a quick view of the past years participation of the member or leader.

  • Entire history of member or leader is available without switching dataset years.

  • Cards are printable at rate of one year per page.


  • Backups allow you to restore your 4HPlus database in case of system failure or extreme data corruption.

  • Easiest backup selection is to state data folder and then copy resulting file to another media.

Creating new year
Creating New Year

  • This process archives oldest dataset and creates a new dataset for the new year based on the current year data.

  • During new year creation, the current year dataset is locked and changes can no longer be made.

  • Oldest dataset is archived into a separate folder and is no longer immediately accessible through 4HPlus.

Initializing data
Initializing Data

  • Used to advance Grade, Years in Project, and Years in 4H.

  • Can remove Clubs, Projects, and Achievements from all members or leaders at once.

  • Clear Local and/or State fields quickly.

  • Selections for members can be different than selections for leaders, but all members and all leaders are treated the same.

Active status
Active Status

  • Change active status for all members or leaders at once.

  • State staff recommends selecting “Leave As Is” for active status.

    • If you set all members or leaders to Inactive, they will no longer appear on any reports.

    • Keep in contact with your members and leaders. Inactive members or leaders are not available for mailing labels or email.

    • Saves time by not having to combine this year’s new member/leader list with last year lists.

Behavior expectations date
Behavior Expectations Date

  • Clearing this date will put all leaders into Pending status for screening.

  • Pending status will prevent leaders from appearing in reports, mailing lists, emails, etc. This is essentially similar to Inactive Status.

  • Since all re-enrolling leaders will sign their form, which contains the behavior agreement, all re-enrolling leaders have signed the form.

  • State staff recommends NOT clearing this date.

Import project file
Import Project File

  • Download from the website and import the 2012 Projects file.

  • Changes to the projects:

    • Aerospace, Geospatial, Robotics, and Science projects have been renumbered from 50000s to 80000s.

    • System will auto move the members from old number to new number.

Entering enrollments
Entering Enrollments

  • Enter new and re-enrollments as you would normally.

  • Make sure the Current Year field is 12 for all members and leaders you enter.

  • When you have completed the re-enrollments, Set Active Status for all non-returning members and leaders.

4h4me year long use
4H4ME Year Long Use

  • Members and leaders can check their own record to see their own data and what projects they are enrolled in.

  • Leaders can print club or project rosters.

  • Leaders can email club or project members.

  • Note: Any leader with county wide responsibilities should be categorized as “86 Key Leader” for project functions to operate fully.

4h4me online re enrollment
4H4ME Online Re-enrollment

  • Members and Leaders can re-enroll through special process in 4H4ME.

  • System is not designed for club leaders to enter the enrollments of members or other leaders. Each member or leader enters their own re-enrollment choices.

  • At the end of online re-enrollment, a page is printed, signed, and returned to the club or county office.