The Elements of Presentation

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The Importance of Presenting Well. No matter how relevant, important, or innovative your message is, your message will be lost if it is not presented well.To help you present well, we will look at two major areas

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The Elements of Presentation

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1. The Elements of Presentation Prof. Joshua Snyder Division of Humanities and Social Sciences Pohang University of Science and Technology

2. The Importance of Presenting Well No matter how relevant, important, or innovative your message is, your message will be lost if it is not presented well. To help you present well, we will look at two major areas…

3. Preview Content Delivery But first, two things you should never do:

4. Two Nevers Never try to memorize a script. Never say sorry.

5. Content A presentation should have five parts: Opener Preview Body Summary Conclusion

6. Opener Attract your audience to your topic. Remind them of your topic’s importance or relevance.

7. Preview Previewing your main contents is extremely important. This will increase your audience's comprehension. Think of it as “signposting.”

8. Body This is the main part of you presentation. Although it is the third part, it should be prepared first. After it is prepared, the other parts will follow naturally. Always use transitions.

9. Summary This is quite similar to the preview. Remind your listeners of the main contents.

10. Conclusion Leave a good impression with your listeners. Remind them again of the importance or relevance of your topic. You might also suggest future areas of research.

11. Last Words Do not end by saying “that’s all” or “the end.” Your final words can be as simple as “thank you.”

12. Other Tips Use vocabulary and structures you know. Do not make your slides too complicated.

13. Delivery Content refers to what you say. Delivery refers to how you say it. There are three main things to remember about delivery…

14. The Three Elements of Delivery Eye contact Voice quality Body language

15. Eye Contact Involve your audience by looking at them. Look to the different parts of the room. Do not look over your audience. Be careful not to focus on your screen.

16. Voice Quality Project your voice from your abdomen. If you have a quiet voice, use a mike. Speak in a natural, conversational way – Do NOT memorize a script.

17. Body Language Stand up straight, but relaxed. Take a few steps. Use gestures. Avoid unnecessary movements.

18. Summary Remember the five parts of a presentation's content: opener, preview, body, summary, conclusion Remember the three elements of delivery: eye contact, voice quality, body language

19. Tutoring We will meet face to face. Please be prepared to ask me some questions.

20. Thank you!

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