Biometrics smartcard workshop
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Biometrics/SmartCard Workshop. 28 th International Traffic Records Forum August 4, 2002 Orlando, Florida. Identification Technology. Verification of all three elements. X. Authentication Domains. Document- holder. Document. Data. General Principles. Document Authentication

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Presentation Transcript
Biometrics smartcard workshop

Biometrics/SmartCard Workshop

28th International Traffic Records Forum

August 4, 2002

Orlando, Florida

Identification technology
Identification Technology

Verification of all three elements


Authentication Domains





General principles
General Principles

Document Authentication

  • Is this a genuine document?

    • Addressed by anti-counterfeit technologies

  • Was it issued legitimately

    • Unique personalization security

    • Authenicatable data

General principles1
General Principles

Data Authentication

  • Has data been altered?

  • Classical card security techniques

    • Tamper evident features

    • Authenticatable data

General principles2
General Principles

  • Data Authentication – Machine-readable data

    • Digital signatures/certificates

    • Encryption

  • Not covered, but not simple

    • Reliance upon machine authentication requires high level of system control over data protection

      • Encryption

      • Keys

Data logical security
Data - Logical Security

  • Highest security: chip-based Smart Card

    • PKI implementation

    • Crypto-processor cards

  • Increase security of off-line transaction

  • Increase privacy

  • Reduce paperwork

  • Reduce the probability of:

    • Data alteration

    • Data substitution

  • Increased card & reader costs

General principles3
General Principles

Cardholder Authentication

  • Biometrics preferable

General principles4
General Principles

  • Reader Authentication

    (Who authenticates the authenticator?)

    Real device or,

    A device to capture document, document holder information

    Authentication requires logic within document

    Cryptographic authentication best, but requires key infrastructure

Identification system key components
Identification System – Key Components

Identification System Server(s)















Access Control


Capture Processing

Card Issuance

Smart Card Alliance – White Paper

“Smart Cards and Biometrics in Privacy-Sensitive Secure Identification Systems”

MatrixID Platform

  • Identification Card Applications:

    • ICAO Travel Documents

    • State / National Drivers License

    • National ID

    • Corporate ID

Range of Data Input Formats


Digitized Images


Signature/usual Mark

Fingerprint Image

Biometric Templates

Fingerprint, Facial, Iris, Hand Geometry

Output Options

  • Data Structure - accommodates range of formats, including:

  • Visual Information (Visual Inspection Zone)

  • OCR-B (Machine Readable Zone)

  • 2-D Barcodes

  • High density Magnetic Stripe

  • Smart Cards (Contact and Non-Contact)

MatrixID Interfaces

  • Designed for distributed system environments:

    • Interface to Cryptographic facility

      • Digital signatures

      • Secure IC loading

    • XML Data Structure

    • Local Document Issuance

    • Remote Document Issuance

After the card is read, the MatrixID display shows the following:1. The date/ time and method used to verify the cardholder.2. The date the card was issued and the Issuing Authority.3. That the document passes the integrity checks built into the MatrixID Data Structure4. The card holder’s photo, signature and fingerprint image. 5. The MatrixID will prompt the cardholder to verify their identity by comparing a live scan with the stored image.

This page depicts the case where the presented fingerprints do not match. The cardholder is not validated.

This page depicts the ca do not match. The cardholder is not validated.This page depicts the case where the presented fingerprints match and the cardholder is validated.rd matches the presenter and the cardholder identity is validated.

Technology changes
Technology Changes do not match. The cardholder is not validated.

New Paradigms to create Transparent Trust

  • Dynamically updateable ID

  • Negotiated disclosure

  • Virtual handshake

THANK YOU do not match. The cardholder is not validated.

Tate Preston

[email protected]