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Sales Presentation for

product or services

company overview
Ritz-Carlton is the luxurious subsidiary brand of Marriott International that have numerous hotel in across different nation and countries. The company provide luxurious accommodation and other services to their customers so that customer prefer their hotel from their competitors.Company overview


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j ob responsibilities
Sales executive-

The key job responsibilities of sales executive is that they act as the link between organization and their customers.

Another responsibility is to offer advice and introduce new services within the Ritz-Carlton so that they may attract large customers and guests.

Job Responsibilities
company message
Who are we?

Company is the renowned subsidiary of Marriott International that renders luxurious accommodation and food & beverage services to their guests. The hotel also provide finest and pleasant stay for the customers by delivering standard or quality dining services.

What are our core values?

Core values or mission of Ritz-Carlton is to become the luxurious and leading hotel chain in the world. However, the core values of hospitality organization also include providing genuine care and comfort to customers.

Company message
What do we do?

Ritz-Carlton generally deals in providing luxurious and semi-luxurious accommodation, leisure and entertainment services to different segment customers and guests. The services of Ritz-Carlton are affordable to the customers and guests as they are introducing budgeted accommodation services to the customers through initiating various discount offers.

What do we bring to the table?

The hospitality organization is leading brand in the luxury market that result in providing value proposition in terms of satisfying customers, meeting their changing needs and requirement etc.

Who are the competitors?

In the contemporary hospitality environment there are different competitors and rivalries existing in the marketplace such as Four season hotel, Hilton, Hyatt etc. that provide quality and luxurious services to their guests and clients.

What do they do?

The competitors also provide the different services like food and beverages, lodging, accommodation etc. so that they may meet the requirement of the customers and guests.

sales process
Presentation: Customer oriented approach:

The new service has been introduced by the Ritz-Carlton that is discounted accommodation services to the different segment customers and guests so that they may satisfy their needs. However, in the contemporary scenario customers prefer to select the accommodation services that are affordable and of low value so that customers can easily meet their other requirement. Therefore, to satisfy the need and requirement of the guests Ritz-Carlton sales executive focus on introducing accommodation services by enabling discount offers.

Another step in the sales process include that satisfying or meeting the requirement of customers and guests it support the Ritz-Carlton in increasing their sales opportunities. As, due to customer oriented approach the hospitality organization will focus on introducing the services that meet the current need of the customers.

Sales Process
prospecting and lead generation
Identify current customer base

In order to achieve the mission and values of Ritz-Carlton sales executive has introduced providing accommodation services at the discounted rate so that they may increase the sales of their services and result in generating profits. For this purpose the current customer base would be to target medium income and low income customers so that they should satisfy their other entertainment need also.

Prospecting and lead generation
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Contact Us: +44 203 8681 670


[email protected]

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