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CTAE Orientation

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CTAE Orientation. Essential Question: How will work ethics contribute to my success in CTAE courses?. Work Ethics. Clothing Relay. Need: Groups of 4 from each CTAE area

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ctae orientation

CTAE Orientation

Essential Question: How will work ethics contribute to my success in CTAE courses?

Work Ethics

clothing relay
Clothing Relay
  • Need: Groups of 4 from each CTAE area
  • A male and female member will be dressed by teammates as a professional in his/her program of study. The winning team accumulates points toward the prize on the final day.
  • Each team will have two minutes to dress before making a presentation to the group.
key questions
Key Questions
  • What is appropriate workplace dress for my CTAE program of study?
  • How can I demonstrate appropriate communication in the workplace?
terms of the day
Terms of the Day
  • Conduct and Appearance: Follows school and class rules, displays appropriate dress, grooming, hygiene, and etiquette.
  • Communication: Displays appropriate verbal (proper grammar, no profanity or loud talking) and nonverbal (eye contact, body language) and listening skills
overview of ctae program areas dress code
Overview of CTAE Program Areas Dress Code
  • Engineering Technology- school dress code and lab appropriate safety gear (safety glasses)
  • Business and Computer Science- school dress code
  • Construction- school dress code, wear appropriate safety gear (hard hat, safety glasses, non-slip shoes w/closed toes)
jchs dress code
JCHS Dress Code
  • Students are expected to dress in a manner that is conducive to the learning environment. The following are general guidelines. However, any attire deemed inappropriate by school staff will be addressed.

1.   Shorts, pants, and skirts should be worn at the waistline. The length of all shorts, skirts, and dresses should fall below the fingertip when standing erect. Pants with holes or slits above the knees are prohibited from school.

  • 2.   Belts must be buckled, sashes tied, and buttons buttoned, except at the neck. All suspenders must be worn on the shoulders.
  • 3.   All students must wear shoes. Shoes must be tied, buckled, or worn as the manufacturer intended. Shower shoes, thongs, or shoes that call undue attention are prohibited.

4.   No clothing which displays profanity, suggestive phrases, alcohol, tobacco or drug advertisements shall be worn.

  • 5.   Hats, caps, scarves and sweatbands may not be worn inside the building.
  • 6.   Clothing shall be worn with appropriate undergarments. Undershirts customarily worn as undergarments or sleepwear may not be worn without shirts or blouses. Tank tops, see-through blouses/skirts are prohibited.
  • 7.   Combs, hair curlers or picks may not be worn in the hair.
  • 8.   Non-prescription eyeglasses (sun shades) may not be worn inside the building.
guest speaker
Guest Speaker

Welcome: __________________

Georgia Department of Labor

  • What’s Wrong?
  • What’s Right?
ctae dress code
CTAE Dress Code
  • Professional Foods- Uniform needed for labs. Hair must be pulled away from face. A hat will be worn during lab. Fingernails must be clipped short for lab. Non slip shoes should be worn.
  • Family Services- school dress code
ctae dress code cont
CTAE Dress Code Cont.
  • NJROTC- uniforms on assigned day
  • Forestry, Agriculture, Horticulture- school dress code
  • Healthcare Science- scrubs and lab coat with identification badge provide by hospital

Examples of what not to wear on the job

Examples of what to wear on the job

Appearance and Communication



Ways to communicate positively.









key question
Key Question
  • How could one demonstrate cooperation and respect in the work place?
mousetrap questions
Mousetrap Questions
  • What were the barriers to working as a team in this activity?
  • What strategies were used by your team to compensate for your inability to see and hear?
  • How are teamwork cooperation, attitude, and respect related?
attendance production and organizational skills



Organizational Skills

key questions1
Key Questions
  • Why is attendance important in the workplace?
  • How will my productivity and organizational skills contribute to my progress in my CTAE program of study?
tardy policy
Tardy Policy

3 Tardies = immediate ISS

Excessive Tardies (more than 3) = Referral to Discipline Officer

attendance policy
Attendance Policy

No more than 8 absences per block.

More than 8 absences = Loss of Credit for the Course

guest speaker1
Guest Speaker


Local Industry:_______________

reading in the content area writing across the curriculum numeracy across the curriculum
Reading in the Content AreaWriting Across the CurriculumNumeracy Across the Curriculum

Employers tell us that reading, writing, and math are some crucial to an employee’s success. In your CTAE course you will read, write, and compute numbers.

rubric 2 for students
Rubric #2 for Students

The CTAE Work Ethics Evaluation

most likely to earn an a
Most likely to earn an “A”

Which group’s checklist will most likely earn them an “A”? Why? Write a paragraph detailing your reasons.

ticket out the door
Ticket Out the Door
  • How will I utilize the information I learned today to make a “A” in my CTAE course?
ethics and job applications


Job Applications

key questions2
Key Questions
  • What is ethical behavior?
  • What does the information on the application indicate about the applicant?
ethics dvd questions
Ethics DVD Questions
  • Activity 1 – DOING THE RIGHT THING!

Name 5 tips you learned in the video about doing the right thing on the job.

  • Activity 2 – “ JUST THIS ONCE”

The video referred to “just this once” thinking in a relation to unethical behavior. Describe what this means and give one example.



Directions: Divide the group into teams of 4 or 5. Select a “leader” to facilitate and keep the discussion moving along. Ask teams to discuss ways to handle each dilemma.

Discuss: Which are NEVER acceptable? Is it EVER right? When is it wrong and why?

1. Receiving too much money in your paycheck.

2. Seeing a co-worker take money from the cash register.


3. Giving free food to friends at a restaurant where you work.

4. Giving your employee discount to a friend.

5. Taking supplies from the company where you work.

6. Using company e-mail.

the job application
The Job Application
  • Welcome:______________
  • Local Industry________________

What have you learned about filling out a job application that you did not already know?

Describe ethical behavior expected in the workplace.






Shape Up Review

Write four things you feel are important concepts learned today

Write one thing you loved learning about today.

Write one, all encompassing statement that summarizes all of the information presented today.

Write the three most important facts you learned today.