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Aztec Temples

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Aztec Temples - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aztec Temples. By: Mikey Bennett, Frank Villaizan, and Brian Demers. Aztec Temples were called Teocalli , God houses, by the people of the Mexican Empire. The main purpose of these structures was for praying, worshiping to the Gods, and making offerings to the Gods. .

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Aztec Temples

By: Mikey Bennett, Frank Villaizan, and Brian Demers


The main purpose of these structures was for praying, worshiping to the Gods, and making offerings to the Gods.


The Aztecs would rip the hearts out of their victims among other means of sacrificial acts, depending on the God the offering was for.


For example, in sacrifices to the God Huitzilopochtli, the victim would be placed on a stone. A priest would then carve out his heart using an obsidian of flint blade.

The still beating heart would be raised to the sky to honor the Sun-God. The corpse would then be cremated or given to the warrior, who may choose to give the parts away or consume the remains.


People who were sacrificed to Tezcatlipoca, considerd the most powerful


to the Aztecs, were generally tethered to a stone and

given a mock

Another type of sacrifice to this God involved a young man who would impersonate Tezcatlipoca for about 20 days, during the month of Toxcatl. He would be treated like a God, and even be offered women.

weapon, for example, a sword with feathers instead of obsidian. Then they would be attacked by four fully armored warriors

At the end of the 20 days, he would offer himself to the priests in a sacrificial ceremony.


In order to have rain for their crops, the Aztecs believed in sacrificing children to Tlaloc. Before their death, the children would be forced to cry and produce tears. Sometimes, in order to make them cry, priests would rip off the child’s nails.