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November 13 2013
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November 13, 2013. Page 82 Copy this sentence originally written by Stephen King onto that page. . “Anticipating that I would try to run, Annie tied me up.”. Anticipating that _____________, __________________.

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November 13, 2013

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November 13 2013

November 13, 2013

Page 82 copy this sentence originally written by stephen king onto that page

Page 82Copy this sentence originally written by Stephen King onto that page.

“Anticipating that I would try to run, Annie tied me up.”

November 13 2013

Anticipating that _____________, __________________.

November 13 2013

Think about how the movie director helps the viewer experience a certain mood. Jot down your thoughts on the Viewer Log to prepare for our whole class discussion.

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November 13 2013

Authors don’t use sounds or colors to convey a mood…they just use words. Pay attention to the specific details that are shared and adjectives that are used to describe characters and situations.

Amused distressed passionate content

Amused? Distressed? Passionate? Content?

“Once inside the house, I leaned against the latch while waves of sick terror swept over me. Realizing that I must get into bed before Mama or Big Ma came from the other room, I pulled off my muddy clothes, turning them inside out to wipe the mud from my body, and put on my night clothes. Then I climbed into the softness of the bed. I lay very still for a while, not allowing myself to think, but soon, against my will, the vision of ghostly headlights soaked into my mind and an uncontrollable trembling racked my body. It remained until the dawn when I fell into a restless sleep.” page 68

Literary mood rings

Literary Mood Rings

Directions: Carefully read the text selection. Think about how the descriptive/figurative language, characters’ words and actions, and setting help set the mood. Choose an adjective which you feel best describes the mood of the selection. Write this adjective in the ring’s gemstone. Then, jot down text-based evidence to support your description inside the band of the ring.

November 13 2013

Answer your question with as much detail as possible. Use complete sentences and a well-organized paragraph. You may use your book.

November 13 2013

Lead your group in discussing each question. Everyone should voice his/her thoughts. I will be listening to your conversations and considering your input for this week’s homework grade.

Good readers make predictions

Good readers make predictions!

“Mr. Granger stood to go, a smile creeping smugly over his lips as if he knew a secret but refused to tell. He glanced at Uncle Hammer, then turned and left, leaving the silence behind him.” page 170

November 13 2013

Characters can view the same situation very differently. Writers can write about the same topic with very different tones. Consider these examples from Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.

The coat

The Coat


The land

The Land

Mr. GrangerBig Ma

The incident on the bridge

The Incident on the Bridge

Mr. WallaceUncle Hammer

November 13 2013

Pick one of the six characters. Rewrite that part of the novel from your character’s perspective. Make sure you include words to show your feelings and emotions (as your character) about the topic. When you do this, you will be writing with a specific tone.

November 13 2013


8 and 9 due Monday!!!

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