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RESA Salary Survey Initiative. Reporting Salary Information. Training Session. Power Point Presentation #2 of 3. by Bobby Stephens Willard Crouthamel (770-432-2404 x-233). Salary Survey Initiative. Power Pt. #1 – Brief Description (the Process)

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RESA Salary Survey Initiative

Reporting Salary Information

Training Session

Power Point


#2 of 3


Bobby Stephens

Willard Crouthamel

(770-432-2404 x-233)

salary survey initiative
Salary Survey Initiative

Power Pt. #1 – Brief Description (the Process)

Power Pt. #2 – Good Data Reporting (Guides)

Power Pt. #3 – The Report (Data Interpretation)

  • Understanding what is requested
  • Guide for entering and submission of
  • salary information
  • Tips for accurate reporting
salary survey initiative1
Salary Survey Initiative

Reporting Reliable

Salary Information

High quality salary reporting strategies, advice, and tips!

Data from 53

participant GA

school systems

Core RESA Sponsors:

Metro, Griffin,

Northeast, and

1st District RESA’s


For further clarification

On any slide, or to see an

Example, click on the “I”

Button link below (try it)

By clicking on the “I” icon box whenever it appears at the bottom of a slide, there will be additional dialog related to the content of the slide…either information clarification or an example related to that slide.

reports on three annual surveys
Reports on three Annual Surveys

The yearly Teacher Survey report is produced during the Summer, followed by the Non-Teaching Jobs report in the Fall-Winter, and finally the Extracurricular Activities Supplements report immediately after the New Year (January). Reports are in PDF format via email. The Non-Teaching report consists of three parts: separate files for Large, Medium, and Small sized school systems.

  • Systems
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small
participating school systems
Participating School Systems

Salary figures from 53 School systems

with 71% of Georgia\'s public school


Past participation has occurred solely by word-of-mouth, school systems have never been solicited by advertisement.

what salary information is collected
What Salary Information is Collected!

Teacher Salary Survey (Annual Study #1)

Non-Teaching Personnel Survey (#2)

  • Large systems (124 jobs), Medium Systems
  • (82 jobs), and Small Systems (49 jobs)
  • High Potential Salary per job (and other
  • job related info…titles, days worked, etc.)

Extracurricular Activity Supplements(#3)

  • Salaries being paid at: T-Levels, Years of
  • Experience Levels.
  • Furlough and Reduction Day Information
  • Maximum and Minimum supplements
  • reported for each of 73 activities

The next series of slides describe the Teacher Salary Survey process and report (with samples of the various types of salary figure comparisons).


Salaries listed in schedules represent the highest amounts that systems pay regular teachers on the T-4 through T-7 levels for 0 to 30 years of teaching experience. This table aligns the state salary schedule and its unique step format comprised of Educational Levels, Years of Creditable Experience, and Longevity Plateaus, with the schedules of the participating local school systems…with their local supplements added in.

  • Many school districts have salary schedules based on year-for-year “prior” teaching experience and these are matched with the first column. Other districts derive their schedule by the combination of State Salary Schedule and Local Supplement scale and are aligned with the STATE SALARY STEP column.
  • Four certificate levels: T-4, T-5, T-6 and T-7
  • .
  • Years of prior teaching experience
  • Actual years of prior teaching is the alignment method; that is, yearly increments from Entry Level to Years of Experience 30.
  • Listed at the bottom is the maximum that a district pays at a specific T level…which is almost always the same as Step 30. For matching purposes, there are three columns on the left side of the salary tables: (1) Actual Years of Prior Teaching, (2) Years of Creditable Experience (State), and (3) State Salary Step.

Furlough or Reduction Days

Furlough day pay was subtracted from the schedules of systems not producing a reduction-day schedule and having furlough days.

Information is presented on the number of furlough or reduced days the various systems have identified. Means are circled.


The next series of slides describe the Non-Teaching Personnel Salary Survey data collection process and report (with samples of the various types of salary figure comparisons) and describing the effort made to obtain accurate salary information).


Jobs are presented first by: (a) System-wide workers (Central Office, Department Staff, and other system coverage) and (b) Local school building positions. Each of the jobs listed on this slide has an accompanying definition which has been derived by looking at work typical to that job…usually from organizational charts and system job descriptions, but also relevant to the school system’s size.

  • Number of Jobs
  • Large Systems – 124
  • Medium Systems – 82
  • Small Systems - 48
non teaching jobs
Non-Teaching Jobs
  • Certified and Classified Jobs
  • 14 Job Areas: Central Office, Academics, Special Ed, Human Resources, Financial Services, Transportation, Local Schools, etc.
  • Large Systems (124 Jobs)
  • Medium Systems (82jobs)
  • Small Systems (48Jobs)

Organizational charts played a major role in creating the types of jobs and departmental organizations to which are used to match with others having the same type of work…recognizing that similar jobs are not titled the same from system to system.

things begin with good data collection i e the data template
Things begin with good data collection (i.e., the data template)

Sample County Schools

In this example, the sample county has the assistant superintendent position having a maximum potential salary of $102,241. It calls for a certified based individual to work for 230 days (which we consider an annual job) and that person is a division or department director…which was not specified. No additional comments were provided.


Highest Potential Salary

Highest pay with maximum experience & degree

The Chief Technology Officer, in this example, has a high potential salary of $102,241 and is not required to have certification. That school system calls the title “Director of Instructional Technology”. This may be a small system position since larger systems have persons with less of an instructional orientation.

Salary figures should be reported as the highest potential salary a job holder might make this year. That is, the Top end of the highest scale, say Doctorate Level, with maximum experience and degree or training, not just current top pay.

highest potential salary rationale
Highest Potential Salary Rationale
  • The top end of a salary scale is the most reliable in terms of cross-system comparison (reducing the apples-to-oranges effect…the low end is very illusive, some systems never pay that).
  • An average system salary per worker might also be erratic…one system having older workers than others.
  • Current salary holder salary comparisons could be unreliable with some systems having long-time staff and others with newer personnel.

Certified Job (Y/N)

  • # Days Worked
  • Local Title
  • Comments (job uniqueness)

Other information to consider

Notice that these Non-Teaching jobs containing maximum potential salaries are ranked from systems paying the most to systems paying the least. Some of the reasons for higher pay might include: certified job (Y/N), days worked, local title, or various job uniqueness…items which have been circled on the slide.


We report hourly maximum salaries for only three jobs: Parapro, Bus Driver, and Food Service Worker. Any system that pays hourly wages for other jobs is encouraged to convert to an annual salary…or we have made that conversion.

Hourly Jobs

Parapro (class aide)

Bus Driver

Food Service Worker

miscellaneous jobs

Salary figures include daily rates for those with: a degree plus certificate, only a degree, and for non-degree holders.


The next series of slides describe the Extracurricular Activity Salary Supplement Survey process and report (with samples of the various types of salary figure comparisons).


73 Extracurricular Activities

(54 Athletic, 19 Non-Athletic)

Special Clarifications

Minimum and Maximum Supplements

School systems are ranked based on the highest supplements paid (the top end of the supplement scale). This sheet also indicates the number of middle and high schools each district has.

athletic non athletic activities
Athletic/Non-Athletic Activities

Athletic Activities

Salary supplement tables were produced for 54 athletic activities/functions (including cheerleading) and 19 non-athletic activities (e.g., drama coach, band director).

Reported salary supplements were not supposed to include Extended Year Pay.

 Athletic supplements include head and assistant coaches, and include cheerleading as an athletic event.

non athletic activity
Non-Athletic Activity

Sample: Metro and 1st District RESAs

Minimum and Maximum Salaries Ranked

Reported salary supplements are not supposed to include Extended Year Pay.


Maintaining the Accuracy of

Information: Particularly the

Non-Teaching Personnel Salary Report

how to fill out the data template
How to fill out the data template

Sample County Schools

Five figures are requested for each reported job. Two of them are drop-down menus (certification…yes/no choices and days worked…several choices).

tips for determining which jobs fit where in the mresa jobs hierarchy
Tips for determining which Jobs fit where in the MRESA Jobs Hierarchy?

Matching your positions with those included in the salary survey template…with accompanying job descriptions…is very important. Some of your jobs will be a poor fit with the descriptions and should not be forced into a surveyed position, and you may have other jobs not being surveyed at all.

  • First, look at the Table of
  • Contents …the Jobs Listing.
  • Next, match your jobs
  • (or persons) to that listing.

Good or Poor Matches

Some of our listing of jobs vary substantially among school systems (e.g., technology jobs), while others are pretty typical (e.g., custodian, director of transportation).

good job matching
Good Job Matching

Match your job based on our description and on what other systems have included in past reports for specific jobs. Some of your jobs may be a better match to those with a different title.

Review Metro RESA list of jobs; note that job descriptions contain information on Lines of Reporting (to whom the job-holder reports). Do not provide salary information based on Title alone.

When you review the annual reports, consider any matches that are questionable…compared with other systems… and improve the matching process the following year.


If several levels of a particular job exist, such as Secretary I and II, indicate highest salary across these multiple salary scales.

Remember, we are asking for the highest potential salary for the job which we have defined…even if your system has several levels for that job…identify the top level and top pay rate.


Job is certified-based(drop down Yes/No)

This means that this job-holder requires a certificate.


Days Worked

Drop down choices: 12 Months, 220, 210, 205, 200, 195, 190 & below.

There are five drop-down choices. Choose the one closest to the number of actual days worked by the job-holder. If actual days worked is 225 or above, that represents a 12 month job.


Local Title

If a different name from the template, but your job fits our definition.

Some jobs have quite a number of different titles across school districts. Be sure to match up with our definition as opposed to the job title (e.g., various technology positions have unique local titles).


Check out what others have done…

Review past reports.

When in doubt about where to record your job-holder, check on past reports to see what other HR staff have done…view their Comments line or Local Title.

part time or hourly paid personnel convert to annual salary figures based on a full day s pay
Part-time or hourly paid personnel…convert to annual salary figures based on a full day\'s pay.

Double the high potential salaries for half-time positions…except for the three jobs mentioned on the next screen.



Exceptions to Annual SalariesBus Driver, Food Service Worker, Para Professional/Teacher Aide

Exception 1: Report hourly wages, plus hours worked for:

Bus Driver, Food Service Worker, and Parapro

If annual salaries are paid, convert to an hourly wage.


Other Comments Box

Comment examples: Half-time job, job anomaly, clarification about the position such as job holder placed under more than one position.

one job.

There is a limited amount of space for comments; please abbreviate when possible.


Data Reporting Considerations

Check out other systems

Good Job Matches

Holders of several jobs

Verify Local Title

Look at last year’s report as a guide for adjusting any mismatches. Consider a different match when appropriate.

Review Comments Box

Certified vs. Classified

Adjust for Days Worked

Report High Potential Salaries


Thanks for Your Support


Have a great school year!

Please feel free to distribute these Power Point Presentations to others interested.