School Development Planning Initiative  An initiative for schools by schools

School Development Planning Initiative An initiative for schools by schools PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2. Programme. Policy Formulation ? tensions?Stumbling blocks to policy formulation ? possible solutionsGuide to policy formulation ? steps

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School Development Planning Initiative An initiative for schools by schools

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2. 2 Programme Policy Formulation – tensions? Stumbling blocks to policy formulation – possible solutions Guide to policy formulation – steps & template Key questions - Values / Desired Outcomes / Measures Workshop Prompt Questions-3 policies: Staff Development Special Needs Collaborative Planning

3. 3 Issues for Policy Writing What are the main internal and external factors impacting on policy formulation in your school?

4. Policy Formulation – Tensions??

5. 5 Concerns?? Number of policies required Now As you progress Knowledge required Section 29 - policy of the school vs. external pressures Policy formulation - legal vs. developmental OTHER?

6. Policy Formulation - Support Department of Education & Science Secretariat of Secondary Schools – JMB, Emmet House Irish Vocational Education Association – VECs Association of Community & Comprehensive Schools Trustee Education Offices ASTI, TUI & INTO Education Centres / Health Boards Government Departments & publications Education Support Services e.g. SLSS, NCTE National Council for Curriculum and Assessment School Development Planning Initiative National Educational Welfare Board National Educational Psychological Service Centre for Education Services -Marino Institute of Education Special Education Support Service – Laois EC Other Schools OTHER?

7. 7 Policies Required What policies must you have? What policies should you have?

8. 8 School Policies: Core Admissions Special Needs/Disabilities Code of Behaviour (incl. suspensions & exclusions policies) Health & Safety Substance Use ‘Statement of Strategy’ re Attendance & Participation, Records & Reports etc. [Education (Welfare) Act ] All above are required by legislation or DES circular NOTE: Disability will be covered by new legislation in addition to references in current Education Acts

9. School Policies Employment/Equality - Pastoral Equal Status/Equal Opportunities* Dignity in the Workplace/Sexual Harassment* Grievance/Complaints/Discipline (Workplace)* Career Break, Job Sharing etc. _________________________________________ Anti-Bullying (Students) Child Protection Internet Use/Information Technology Guidance Out of School Activities…field trips, tours etc. _________________________________________ (*Mandatory policies under employment, industrial relations & equality legislation) Note: further legislation/guidelines on child protection forthcoming

10. School Policies Organizational - Curricular Data Records (Management, Retrieval & Access) Communication (Internal & External) Interculturalism _________________________________________ Curriculum (Pedagogy, Syllabus, Courses, Assessment & Class Organization..) SPHE/Relationships & Sexuality Environmental Awareness _________________________________________ Other…? _________________________________________ Mission, Vision & Aims – Statement of Ethos Underpinning all policies

11. 11 School Policies Structures Board of Management In-School Management Students’ Council Parents’ Council Other…? NOTE: All policies must be adopted by the Board of Management. Formally, a policy is not in place until it has been adopted by the Board.

12. 12 School Policies Practice Many more ‘de facto’ policies may exist in your school than are explicitly formulated Much policy writing is codifying and enlarging on current good practice

13. 13 Custom and Practice Policies What is the unwritten procedure/policy? Examples Punctuality Leaving school during the school day Signing up for a course-TY/LCVP/LCA/5th year/2nd year options etc School tours Students ill during the day Equipment in specialist rooms Detention Others?

14. 14 Policy Plan For Our School

15. 15 What some schools do? School calendar Cooperation with local schools Taking advantage of students’ absence due to school events Steering Group – timetable slot Staff meetings - planning meetings Feedback on SDP Task Group time SDP issues are core school business

16. DIY Guide to Policy Formulation

17. 17 Policy Template Name Link to Mission & Aims – creates relevance Scope – whole school, year group, class group etc. Rationale – why have it? Objectives – what are you attempting to do? Content – A B C D Roles & Responsibility – who & what? Success Criteria – implementation & outcomes Review & Evaluation – when & how? Legality & equality proofing – who & how?

18. Policy Considerations

19. 19 Policy Formulation Values – link to Mission, Vision, Aims Desired Outcomes – policy objectives/ goals Measures to Achieve Desired Outcomes – content

20. 20 Workshop - Discussion As a group choose a specific policy that you would like to work on. Review the prompt sheets Select a suitable template (and amend as desired) Draft key elements of the policy Distribute Policy worksheets- template(1 per group) 45 minutes-group work 15 minutes for feedback

21. 21 Prompt Questions - handout Special Needs Collaborative Planning Staff Development *Work in progress @ SDPI

22. Code of Behaviour Suggestions for Good Practice! Promote positive behaviour in accordance with school mission Adopt clear and fair procedures, observed, drafted and known by all parties Align pastoral and disciplinary responses to incidents of misbehaviour Draft explicit policies on suspension & exclusion Use ‘May’ not ‘Must’ – not mechanistic process Allow for exercise of judgement while respecting the value of consistency over arbitrariness Balance interest of individual & common good Ensure that prompt, decisive action may be taken where necessary or in face on the unexpected

23. 23 Checklist for Policy Formation Comply with statutory requirements Align policy & core values Put teaching & learning at the centre Consult stakeholders/expertise by need Identify & state reasons for policy Be clear, comprehensive & practical Avoid conflict between school practice & policy Work through templates & use ‘renamed’ imports carefully Communicate to all concerned stakeholders Review & evaluate regularly

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