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Performance Diary. In order to facilitate you, we enunciate in the ensuing slides the following: Purpose of this system Meaning for the Performance diary How to go about when a critical incident occurs Operating procedure What is HR role Notable points and

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Performance diary
Performance Diary

  • In order to facilitate you, we enunciate in the ensuing slides the following:

  • Purpose of this system

  • Meaning for the Performance diary

  • How to go about when a critical incident occurs

  • Operating procedure

  • What is HR role

  • Notable points and

  • What to do if you need more information/data

Purpose of the performance diary

  • This performance diary is meant to serve as a means of recording any “Critical incident” involving an employee

What is a critical incident
What is a critical incident?

  • A critical incident is an actual occurrence or an event involving the appraise or done by him/her which has/is affected the performance either favorably or unfavourably.

How to go about when a critical incident occurs
How to go about when a critical incident occurs?

  • Briefly note down the incident as well as its effects on the individual performance

  • This would become a verifiable data which would be used during the appraisal / review

  • Such recording should be done immediately – within 72 hours from the time of incident occurred. No observations can be added after 72 hours

  • Any observation to have a] date, time and example or the actual occurrence – meaning it should not be an opened ended statement or views etc.

Who can view this
Who can view this?

  • This can be seen by the immediate superior and the Reviwer only becoz -

  • this is only a verifiable data for the Appraiser while doing appraisal

  • Informally, the immediate superior would have communicated whatever he is observing to the concerned employee on a daily basis – orally

  • This is not a communication channel with the employees

Operating procedure
Operating procedure

  • The entire system is appended “ON LINE” in

  • The observations to be keyed-in by the immediate superior or the appraiser.

  • Once the Appraiser press the button “Submit”; the sheet would be sent to the Reviewer. A mail reminding the Reviewer will be generated by the system automatically.

  • If the Reviewer accepts the observation, the sheet would remain in the master and conversely, if the observation is rejected, a POP up message/mail would be sent to the HR for taking it forward.

Operating procedure how to record the observation
Operating procedure – How to record the observation


  • Log on to My

  • Change role as Superior

  • You can see performance diary column and parallely employee reporting list.

  • Select the employee and press “GO”

  • You will get the required sheet for making the observation

  • After observation please press “Submit”

  • To see the previous and other observations, Click the total of no of observations provided in the first line

Operating procedure how to record the observation1
Operating Procedure – How to record the observation?

  • Guidelines for Reviwer

  • A mail would be sent to you regarding observations made

  • Again log on to and change role as Reviewer

  • You can see a list of performance diary for your comments.

  • After comments, please press “submit”. [please press Accept/reject before pressing submit].

Screen shot for pictorial understanding screen 1 change role screen
Screen shot for pictorial understandingScreen – 1 – Change role screen

Screen shot 2 appraiser immediate superior s screen
Screen Shot 2 – Appraiser/ Immediate Superior’s screen

General points for consumption what hr would do with this
General points for consumption – What HR would do with this?

  • The entire observation would be part of the appraisal for the year under review

  • Initiate counseling activity

  • Take a leaf out of the good observation/favourable observations and disseminate to all concerned

Other notable points
Other Notable points this?

  • This document is mandatory / critical to take any favourable or unfavourable action on the employee – irrespective of cadre and level

  • If there is no events/incident recorded in respect of an employee, it would tantamount to that the concerned employee does not have a favourable or unfavourable points for observation

For clarification what to do
For clarification what to do? this?

  • If you have any query, please contact Mr V Ganesan, Senior Manager HR at Corporate Office.

  • Mobile No 97909 27356

  • Ext 701