ip telephony phase ii rollout
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IP Telephony Phase II Rollout

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IP Telephony Phase II Rollout - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IP Telephony Phase II Rollout. OIT ComTech. Outline. Why are we meeting? Roadmap Centrex vs Call Manager What happens now ?. Deployment objectives Phone Catalog Training Questions. Why We Are Meeting Today?.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Why are we meeting?
  • Roadmap
  • Centrex vs Call Manager
  • What happens now ?
  • Deployment objectives
  • Phone Catalog
  • Training
  • Questions
why we are meeting today
Why We Are Meeting Today?
  • Since 2007, ComTech has converted 5,500 telephone lines from AT&T Centrex service to the ComTech supported Cisco Call Manager
  • All Voice Mail users transitioned to Cisco Unity Voicemail – Unified Messaging deployed
  • Phase II – Convert remaining AT&T lines to VoIP
ip telephony phase ii roadmap
IP Telephony Phase II Roadmap
  • Approximately 5,500 Centrex lines remain on the AT&T network. Converting these lines to Cisco provides the following advantages:
    • Replaces the aging Meridian sets with Cisco IP handsets
    • Advances the deployment of Cisco’s Unified Communication suite
    • Significant cost savings to the University.
ip telephony phase ii objectives
IP Telephony Phase II Objectives
  • Convert ~100 telephone sets per week
  • 15 month project duration
  • Data collection (inventory every telephone to be transitioned)
  • Update campus systems: E-911, ITRACS, MySoft, etc.
  • Deployment of Cisco sets and retrieval of Meridian sets
ip telephony phase ii objectives1
IP Telephony Phase II Objectives
  • 60 Days - Initial contact from Comtech
  • 35 Days final date for submission of requested information
  • Any information received after this date, will be worked after the scheduled cutover date and will be worked as a normal work order
  • Cutover dated provided: 7 days after cutover, all changes will need to be sent via normal channels.
ip telephony phase ii
IP Telephony Phase II

This project is fully funded by OIT and the following types of sets will be converted:

  • All Meridian digital sets
  • All analog sets with appearances on Meridian sets which were not converted as part of phase I (Includes fax lines, PC Modem, etc.)
  • NOTelevators, fire alarms, security alarms, blue lights, freezer/lab sensors, analog lines already converted to IPT, etc
how do we determine the sets to be deployed
How do we determine the sets to be deployed?
  • Assess and recommend current telephone sets to be scheduled for conversion from AT&T to IPT
  • Review current business call flow and recommend additional options
  • Verify number of lines needed & eliminate lines no longer necessary
  • Negotiate a final selection of phone set type, number of lines needed, business line call flow, conversion date, etc.
at t centrex cisco call manager
AT&T Centrex & Cisco Call Manager
  • Centrex service is managed by AT&T: normal single line telephone service with features added including call forward, call transfer, toll restriction, call hold, etc.
  • AT&T central office is located at Morgan Street.
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) is a feature rich IP based telephony system that is managed and administered by Comtech, via Cisco Call Manager
  • Service is delivered across NC State’s data network
benefits to voip
Benefits to VoIP
  • Reduced costs
  • Simplify the provisioning of phones
  • Moves Additions Change
  • On Line Self-service
  • Offer latest features to campus community
new features with ip sets
New features with IP sets

Call Control via IM Client

Call Logs

Call Stacking

Custom Ring Tones

Directory Number – myphone.ncsu.edu

new features with ip sets1
New features with IP sets

Extension Mobility

MeetMe Conference

Single Number Reach


VT Advantage – Ad-hoc video conference

individual meeting expectations
Individual meeting expectations
  • Confirm cutover date from first meeting with your management team
  • Review your current business setup
  • Review the proposed solution
  • Discuss what user information will be verified by a member of your staff
  • Provide a deadline date that all information will be sent back to Comtech
  • Provide link to sign off on set selection
what should the end user expect
What should the end user expect?
  • Your primary line will now be located as line one
  • Minimal disruption to Computer and Telephone
  • An opportunity to use new set before transfer of service

Training is provided it is highly encouraged that you attend class

what should you expect during the rollout
What should you expect during the rollout?
  • Sets dropped off several days before transfer of service for customer to familiarize themselves with new phone
  • Dual service on phones until cutover to new service
  • Minimal phone service outage expected
  • Data connectivity will be moved as part of the process
  • Final walkthrough the day before the cut to answer any outstanding questions
  • Collection of legacy sets after install
ip telephony phase ii training
IP Telephony Phase II Training

Comtech will provide user training to campus for the duration of the project.

Two times per week hands-on training is provided at Avent Ferry Technology Center.

ip telephony phase ii training topics
IP Telephony Phase II Training Topics

Understanding your set

User Features

Web base User Options

User tutorials

Basic Troubleshooting

Register for class: http://webapps.ncsu.edu/classmate/

cisco 6921
Cisco 6921
  • 2 Line Set
  • Speaker Phone
  • Caller-ID
  • Base model set
cisco 6941
Cisco 6941

4 Line Set

  • Speaker Phone
  • Caller-ID
cisco 7942
Cisco 7942
  • 2 Line Set
  • Speaker Phone
  • Caller-ID
cisco 7962
Cisco 7962
  • 6 Line Set
  • Speaker Phone
  • Caller ID
cisco 7962 7915
Cisco 7962 / 7915
  • 6 Line Set
  • Speaker Phone
  • Caller ID
  • Add-on Module available
  • 35 days prior to cutover - All customer information needs to be returned to Comtech
  • 7 days after cutover, all changes or updates will be sent in as a normal work order
  • Changes sent in after 35 days will be worked after the cutover
comtech resources
Comtech Resources
  • OIT training: http://webapps.ncsu.edu/classmate/
  • Request for service: https://comtechapp.oit.ncsu.edu/webapp
  • Reporting problems: [email protected] or call 5-7099
  • ComTech Website: http://oit.ncsu.edu/telephony
  • Phone Accessories: http://oit.ncsu.edu/telephony/phone-accessories