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Roundworms & Segmented Worms

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Roundworms & Segmented Worms - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Roundworms & Segmented Worms. 5 th Grade. Roundworms. *live in any moist environment: --the beach --forest soils --Antarctic sands --pools of super hot water . Did you Know ? About a million roundworms live in each square meter of damp sand.

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*live in any moist environment:

--the beach

--forest soils

--Antarctic sands

--pools of super hot water

roundworm digestive system
Roundworm digestive system
  • Food enters the roundworm’s mouth and exists through an opening called the anus at the far end of the tube
one way digestive tract is more efficient why
One-way digestive tract is more efficient….why?
  • It enables the animal to absorb a large amount of the needed substances in foods
segmented worms
Segmented Worms
  • Earthworms
  • Leeches
  • Sea-floor worms
segmented worms2
Segmented Worms
  • Have bodies made up of a series of rings separated by grooves
  • Have bodies made up of many linked sections called segments
  • Also have a one-way digestive system
segmented worms closed circulatory system
Segmented Worms –closed circulatory system

Closed circulatory system – blood moves only within a connected network of tubes called blood vessels

earthworms in the environment
Earthworms in the Environment
  • Earthworms tunnel through the ground for a living
  • They must stay in moist soil or damp air to keep their skin moist ---they breathe through their skin
benefits to gardening
Benefits to Gardening
  • Earthworm tunneling loosens the soil, allowing air, water and plant roots to move through
  • Earthworm droppings make the soil more fertile
  • Earthworms bring nutrients to the surface of the soil through their waste
observe the mealworms and pass them around the class
Observe the Mealworms and pass them around the class
  • What type of worms are they?
  • Are they nocturnal or active during the day time?
  • Where do they live?
surprise mealworms are not worms
Surprise! Mealworms are NOT worms
  • Some organisms that LOOOK like worms are actually larvae
  • Live in cool or damp places
  • Could live in your cupboards –they are attracted to grain!
life cycle of a mealworm
Life Cycle of a Mealworm

Mealworm Life Cycle

  • Egg 7–14 days
  • Larva 30–90 days -- 5 molts occur
  • Pupa 10–20 days
  • Adult 5–10 days Bran Apple
  • The cycle continues.