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Word templates
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Word Templates. Resumes. Word Templates. A document file that serves as a model on which to build another publication or page. Examples: Resume Cover Letter Agenda Business Card Invitation Newsletter Invoice Brochure. Access Word Templates. Start – All programs – MS Office – Word

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Word Templates

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Word templates

Word Templates


Word templates1

Word Templates

  • A document file that serves as a model on which to build another publication or page.

  • Examples:

    • Resume

    • Cover Letter

    • Agenda

    • Business Card

    • Invitation

    • Newsletter

    • Invoice

    • Brochure

Access word templates

Access Word Templates

  • Start – All programs – MS Office – Word

  • Office Button

  • New

  • Choose a template

Word templates


E resume electronic resume

E-Resume (Electronic Resume)

Formatted Resume

  • Word processed resume

  • Only use Microsoft Word

    • is the most widely used software

    • Save as a .doc or Word 97-2003 format

  • Delivery methods

    • Postal mail

    • Fax

    • Hand deliver

    • E-mail attachment – vulnerable to viruses

Searchable databases

Searchable Databases

  • More than 80 percent of employers are placing resumes directly into searchable databases

  • Objectives for Today:

    • Using templates

    • Create a resume and envelope

    • Save your resume in different formats

    • Sending your resume in text-based format directly in the body of an e-mail

      • Allows them to place your resume in a searchable database

Check out local companies

Check out local companies

E resume electronic resume1

E-Resume (Electronic Resume)

Text Resume

  • Word processed resume saved as a .txt file

  • Stripped of all formatting

  • Not visually appealing

  • Used for keyword searchable databases

  • Delivery methods

    • Job Boards

    • Pasting piece by piece into the profile forms of job boards

    • Pasting in an e-mail

      • Send formatted copy by mail or person

Word templates


Word templates

.txt w/ accepted formatting

=== ++++ >>>> ***

E resume electronic resume2

E-Resume (Electronic Resume)

Rich Text Format (.rtf)

  • Create in most word processing programs - save as .rtf

  • Use as an e-mail attachment, when you don’t know what software the employer prefers

  • The format will remain visually appealing

  • Less vulnerable to viruses than Word documents

  • Still paste the .txt version in the e-mail body

Word templates


Word templates

and .txt version pasted below

E resume electronic resume3

E-Resume (Electronic Resume)

Portable Document Format (pdf)

  • Create in Word 2007 version. Save as .pdf

  • Looks identical to the original document

  • Appears consistent from computer to computer

  • Difficult to perform keyword searches

  • Most employers have Adobe Acrobat, the software used to read the file

Word templates




  • Create a resume using the Word Template

  • Save in 4 different versions

    • Save as in Word 97-2003

      • Bridget McDougall 2009 resume doc (Your Name)

    • Save as .txt

      • Bridget McDougall 2009 resume txt (Your Name)

      • Make format changes to resume using + or = or **** or >>>

    • Save as .rtf

      • Bridget McDougall 2009 resume rtf (Your Name)

    • Save as .pdf

      • Bridget McDougall 2009 resume pdf (Your Name)



Hand in 2 Resumes

  • Print your Word 97-2003 resume version

  • Print your .txt version with format changes

  • * Write down which template you used (5pts)

    Hand in an “envelope”

  • Mailings – Envelope – type addresses – Print

  • Print an envelope with an address of a local business and your return address

  • Hit the Go button a few times on the printer

Next class

Next Class


  • Dream of a business you would like to start

    • Resources not a problem!

    • If you won the lottery but the criteria was you had to start your own business, what would you do?

    • What activity you would do free, purely out of a sense of passion?

Next class1

Next Class


  • Create a brochure about the business (90 pts)

  • Criteria for the brochure will be based on the Word Review List

  • Print and envelope (10 pts)

    • *Bring a legal envelope

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