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Mid year reflection sign language
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Mid-year reflection Sign language. Micah Hinson. Focus Questions. How can I become a better interpreter? What can I do to become better in using sign language?. Why sign language?. Passion = Sign Language ☺ Grew up with it Signing Choir Best friends. Sign Language.

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Mid-year reflection Sign language

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Mid year reflection sign language

Mid-year reflectionSign language

Micah Hinson

Focus questions

Focus Questions

  • How can I become a better interpreter?

  • What can I do to become better in using sign language?

Why sign language

Why sign language?

Passion = Sign Language ☺

  • Grew up with it

  • Signing Choir

  • Best friends

Sign language

Sign Language

  • Hand/body motions or gestures

  • Facial expressions

  • Used for D/HH

  • American Sign Language

My project

My project

  • Signing/interpreting two pieces

  • “Overcomer” by Mandisa (song)

  • “We Shall Overcome” Lyndon Baines Johnson (speech)

    (Civil Rights Movement)



  • Her name is Peggy

  • Interpreter forelementary school

  • Runs signing choir

  • We meet once a month

Terms you ll hear me say

Terms You’ll Hear me say

  • Glossing= annotationsinterpreters use, write what is signed

  • Honorific= certain sign/gestureshowing ‘rank’

  • Interpret= sign as someone is talking

Mid year reflection sign language

Example of Honorific in reference to God

Written: (H)

This picture shows glossings that I did with my mentor. We wrote what we were going to sign.

Interpreting visual

Interpreting Visual



Interpreting is like juggling, three things all at once that are all continuous.




  • Become better interpreter

  • Fluent with signs

  • Broaden vocabulary

  • Follow interpretingrules of thumb

  • These will allow me to improve.

Things to practice

Things to practice

  • Fingerspelling

    Why: -proper nouns

    -no sign word available

  • Glossing:

    Why: -analyze future songs

    -learn necessary on the spot words/skills

Where i am now

Where I am now

  • Ready to finish song

  • Next section in speech

  • I know what/how to gloss

  • Fingerspelling, getting faster

What i ve learned

What I’ve learned

  • Glossing and Honorific definitions/importance

  • New ways to sign effectively

  • Don’t take words literally

  • Mouth what is said, not signed

End of january goals

End of January goals

  • Have song glossed

  • Song almost mastered

  • First two sections of speech glossed and mastered

  • Finger spelled words mastered

Works cited

Works cited

  • Mandisa. "Overcomer." YouTube. YouTube, 9 July 2013. Web. 15 Dec. 2013.

  • Reuss-Corb, Peggy. Sign Language Glossing. 23 Oct. 2013. Raw data. Broomfield, Broomfield.



Let’s learn the sign language alphabet! 

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