2 1 properties are used to identify matter
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2.1 Properties are used to identify matter. (6.1 pg 149-152). A property is a characteristic of a substance. There are two kinds of properties: Physical properties can be observed without changing the chemical structure of the substance .

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  • A property is a characteristic of a substance. There are two kinds of properties:

    • Chemical properties describe a possible chemical change (for example: reacts with water, reacts with oxygen) that a substance may undergo.

    • Chemical changes will produce a new substance with a different set of physical properties.

  • Matter kinds of properties:can be classified into groups:

  • Mixtures kinds of properties:are formed when two or more substances are put together, but are not chemically combined

  • Pure substances kinds of properties:(often called, simply, substances) have identical properties in every sample; e.g. pure table salt purchased in different cities will have identical properties.

  • Elements kinds of properties:are substances that cannot be broken down into simpler materials.

  • The smallest particles of elements that can exist by themselves are called atoms.

  • Compounds kinds of properties:are substances, formed from two or more elements, in which the elements are always combined in the same fixed proportions.

  • Hydrogen and oxygen are elements, and water is the compound formed from 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen.

  • Compounds also can be represented with symbols. – they are listed in Table 1 pg.151.

  • Because they have more than one type of element they must show the symbols for all the elements that make them. (H2O is 2 H atoms and 1 O atom).

  • The # of atoms is represented by subscripts following the symbol of the element.