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Agenda item 4: Work modalities of the revised ISDR system to support the implementation of Hyogo Framework- Elements to be reviewed in groups- & prepare for decision Workdoc3. www.unisdr.org. IATF/DR to adopt a process and prepare for the new system

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Www unisdr org

Agenda item 4:Work modalities of the revised ISDR system to support the implementation of Hyogo Framework- Elements to be reviewed in groups- & prepare for decisionWorkdoc3


IATF/DR to adopt a process and prepare for the new system

  • Expected outcome: Roadmap for first Global Platform & a mechanism to prepare first work-programme for the ISDR system

  • Three groups to define framework & scope of

    • Integrated work-programme;

    • reporting on progress; and

    • clusters-thematic work (responsibilities and accountability)

Annex 3 clustering
Annex 3: Clustering

  • Based on matrix and Hyogo Framework priorities

  • Organization & action of clusters, thematic groups/platforms. Use existing inter-agency mechanisms when applicable.

  • Based on what themes/tasks? How should they work, management mechanisms?

    • Clearer distribution of responsibilities, accountability

    • Support setting of objectives, work-programming, identify gaps and coordinate reporting on progress

    • Usefulness and role of convening/lead agency

Annex 1 integrated work programming proposal based on unaids experience
Annex 1: Integrated work-programming clustering - for discussion(proposal based on UNAIDS experience)


  • Coordinated & effective support, & coherence, for implementation of the Hyogo Framework

  • Strive for increased national capacities and benefits

  • Benefits must be clear / costs minimized

Isdr system implementation coming out of the isdr stakeholder workshop
ISDR clustering - for discussionSystem implementation(coming out of the ISDR stakeholder workshop)

  • “Blueprint” of the system

    • Roles / contributions

    • Expected results

  • “Fuelling” the system

    • Requirements

    • Sources

  • “Monitoring” the system

    • Management

    • Feedback / corrections

Isdr system implementation
ISDR clustering - for discussionSystem implementation

  • “Blueprint”

  • “Fuelling”

  • “Monitoring”

Joint Workplan

Resources (all)

GovernancemanagementM & E

Hyogo Framework clustering - for discussion


* National priority & institutions

* Risk assessment & warning

* Knowledge

* Reduction in risk factors

* Strengthened preparedness

  • Actors:

  • * Governments

  • * Regional bodies

  • * UN

  • Civil Society

  • * Business

  • * Academia


* Lives

* Livelihoods

* Infrastructure

* Environment

Workplanning scope tbd
Workplanning Scope (tbd) clustering - for discussion

  • ISDR secretariat

  • UN Agencies at global & regional levels

  • ISDR System Infrastructure

    • Thematic (clusters), regional, strengthened RC capacity

  • UN Country Programmes (alt.)

  • National priority setting support (alt.)

Result based approach
Result-based approach clustering - for discussion

Including bilateral support clustering - for discussion

Including bilateral support clustering - for discussion

Governance management monitoring evaluation
Governance, Management, Monitoring & Evaluation clustering - for discussion

  • Preparation of work-programme (clusters, PAC)

  • Approval of work-programme (Global Platform)

  • Approval of budget (MOB)

  • Monitoring & revisions of workprogramme implementation

  • Evaluation

  • Reporting

Pending trust fund option 1
Pending clustering - for discussion: Trust Fund Option 1

Trust fund option 2
Trust fund Option 2 clustering - for discussion

Isdr trust fund under discussion
ISDR Trust Fund - clustering - for discussionUnder discussion

Management oversight board

* Joint workprogramme

Progamme advisory committee



agencies own funds


Trust fund

To be discussed
To be discussed clustering - for discussion

  • Level of workplan/s- usefulness and needs? Scope of the system (consolidated or network)

  • What should be the scope: actors, geographic, time scale?

  • Should the workplan be results-based and costed? Or only define joint objectives?

  • Use of ISDR trust fund? Funding the ISDR “infrastructure” (secretariat, platforms etc.)? Country programmes?

Annex 2 a common progress reporting process
Annex 2: A common progress reporting process clustering - for discussion

  • Strive for expanded understanding, national leadership, and motivate self-directed reporting by entities involved

  • Success determined by engagement & achievements of actors at all levels (national, regional international): link to existing reporting mechanisms as much as possible

  • Linked to objectives and expected results (indicators)

Current efforts towards common reporting
Current efforts- towards common reporting clustering - for discussion

  • Compilation of Matrix of Commitments and Initiatives- implementation HFA

  • On-going discussions with experts for guiding identification of benchmarks and indicators

  • Consolidated report/s: SG report to UNGA, & posting on website of source material: national, regional, international. Use of web-bsed Infromation Platform

  • Prepare for periodic review (timeframes?): Living with Risk format

Modalities clustering - for discussion

  • National reporting (voluntary): core element

  • Engage with national platforms/systems, existing related reporting (sust dev, climate change, poverty reduction, health)

  • UN RC system and country teams

  • Regional bodies to support countries and regional reviews

  • Global reporting: draw from the above- consolidate by clusters, include resource allocation for DRR

To discuss
To discuss clustering - for discussion

  • Modalities for common reporting- part of cluster responsibilities.

  • Existing reporting mechanisms and links to common reporting on HFA

  • Group of IATF to develop reporting guidelines

  • Follow-up steps