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Do you measure up? Have you ever wanted to redecorate your bedroom with an entertainment center, or an up-dated video game station, or just turn your room into a state-of-the-art movie theater. Well, here is your chance. This site involves using measurements of different capacities to redecorate

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Do You Measure up

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1. Do You Measure up? Cedric D. Franklin EDU 506 October 28, 2000

3. Task You will decide what changes you want to make to the room Gather the necessary measurements for the room Choose the desired supplies and/or materials to complete the job Finally, submit your proposal for approval

4. A Dictionary of Units This site provides a summary of most of the units of measurements. The units may be found by looking under the category in which they are used.

5. Measure 4 Measure Measure 4 Measure will help you with the conversions. A collection of interactive sites on the Web help estimate, evaluate, translate, etc.

6. All About Measurements These pages teach measurement operations covered in K-8 Math Courses. Each page has an explanation, interactive practice and challenge games about measurements.

7. Fact Monster Fact Monster is another helpful Website that helps to reinforce your knowledge of measurements.

8. Customary Measurements This site will also reinforce knowledge of customary equivalents by engaging in games such as matching and concentration.

9. Conclusion The student will be able to convert measurements Create a list of supplies for effective planning And write a proposal for approval!!!

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