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Medicine safety
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Medicine Safety.

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Medicine Safety

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Medicine safety

Medicine Safety

Medicine safety

Monica is on the swim team and has an earache. She visits her doctor, who prescribes an antibiotic. Monica is supposed to take the medicine for ten days. Her friend Amy, who is also on the swim team, thinks she may have an ear infection, too. Amy doesn’t want to go to the doctor, though, so she asks Monica if she can share her medicine.

Essential question

Essential Question

  • What are some medicine misuses? Why do individuals misuse their medicine?

Self management


  • Demonstrate habits that contribute to health

  • Describe or demonstrate specific first aid and safety techniques

  • Identify strategies to avoid or manage unhealthy or dangerous situations

  • List the steps in the correct order if there is one




Fda food drug administration

FDA – Food & Drug Administration

  • To minimize risks to the public the federal government established laws and policies for testing and approving new medicines. This branch of government is called the Food and Drug Administration or (FDA).

  • The FDA decides how the medicine should be released if it passes all the standards of their testing.



  • Prescriptions – FDA has ruled that certain medicines cannot be used without a written prescription by a licensed doctor and filled by a licensed pharmacist.

  • Over the Counter medicines (OTC) – this group includes a wide variety of medicines that do not require prescriptions and must be used following directions because they could pose harmful effects if taken improperly.

  • When the FDA approves a medicine it is saying that the medicine is safe if used as directed and also that it is effective against that certain ailment.

Medicine misuse taking medicines unnecessarily or without following instructions

Medicine Misuse – taking medicines unnecessarily or without following instructions

  • Medicines can promote health and prevent disease if used properlyand taken as listed by the directions

  • Examples:

    • giving a prescription medicine to a person for whom it was not prescribed or taking another person’s medicine

    • taking too much or too little of a medicine or taking a medicine for a longer or shorter period than prescribed

    • discontinuing medicine without informing the health care professional

    • mixing medicines

Abuse overdose

Abuse & Overdose

  • Medicine abuse - Intentionally taking medications for non-medical reasons

  • Drug overdose – strong, sometimes fatal, reaction to taking a large amount of a drug

Reasons for misuse

Reasons for misuse

  • To lose weight

  • To fit in with peers

    • Pill/”pharm” parties

  • To receive a “high”

  • Monetary benefits

  • Using someone’s pain pills to treat your own pain without a doctor’s permission; giving someone else your own medication

Otc label worksheet

OTC Label Worksheet

  • Form groups of 2-3 with partners of your choice.

  • Each group will be given a worksheet to complete

  • Every group member’s name must be on the worksheet in order to receive credit

  • Choose an empty medicine container from the front of the room to complete the worksheet

  • Turn the worksheet into the basket before you leave!

Essential question1

Essential Question

  • What are some medicine misuses? Why do individuals misuse their medicine?

  • Homework: Drugs & Medicines Worksheet

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