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青树教育基金会ITIE2010信息技术与教育国际学术研讨会 Evergreen Education Foundation ITIE2010: Information Technology in Education International Symposium 欠发达地区图书馆应对信息鸿沟的途径 R esponsing Way s to Information Gap about the library in Less-developed regions. 李桂荣 土巴 乔兴平

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李桂荣 土巴 乔兴平 Ligr.happy@163 青海: 0971-4396481 1399712816 15909765779 2010.6.21  兰州大学

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ITIE2010Evergreen Education Foundation ITIE2010 Information Technology in Education International SymposiumResponsing Ways to Information Gap about the library in Less-developed regions

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Main contents

  • Information Gap and Response

  • As human society entered into informatization society, network has been put forward, and the Appeareance of information gap, information and education becomes hot topic of information literacy, and gradually become a tool of local governance.

  • Underdeveloped areas Library Mission

  • when system lack or Failure, Government inability respond local demand, social forces thus arose.Library shoulder important social governance responsibilityThrough information technology and information literacy education to guide national network of reading to address the information gap.

  • Baoyuan Library Practice and Exploration

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    In China's less developed regions, in the library to meet their information divide this great challenge of the process, in addition to the government invest more actively invest in local public library system and on the poverty-stricken areas of knowledge Fupin addition, the social forces of all the individual play significant role.

  • Information Literacy and Education Innovation

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  • Enlightenment is to promote reading and literacy in remote backward areas of the primary mission of the Library.How to enhance public literacy for community residents to read and understand the importance of the Enlightenment, to carry out reading activities and guided reading activities, Po Court is to explore and practice

  • The content of the information gap

  • (Information Gap),,,

    Information Gap, is the rapid development in information network technology and application of the process lead to differences in the new social development and social differentiation, which developed areas and less developed areas into the network to another due in respect of The information gap caused by the poor rich and the information gap between, including the information network technology in different areas or communities and social groups in the distribution and use of a balanced equilibrium state

  • 28.9%,

  • 28.9%,

    At present, China's Internet penetration rate was 28.9%, higher than the world average, but by economic and cultural development and education of the impact of regional differences, large differences between urban and rural areas, resulting in different areas of information gap between different groups and affect social harmony and the future developing.

  • China's vast territory, unbalanced economic development, library development is also very uneven from region to analyze the big cities and the southeast coastal region is far better than the less developed central and western regions. Therefore, in the western underdeveloped areas of network information library construction, and promote integration and utilization of knowledge resources is a regional response to the information gap in the future hope.

Hope in the future

Baoyuan Library is currently facing development difficulties: lack of professional communication personnel, poor communication and information environment, backward, etc.Po Court Library is looking forward to the community concern and support of peer libraries

The development of Network Information Technology Brings Opportunity.

The emergence of network technology and network era, bring challenges to the development of underdeveloped areas, but also a historic opportunity to shorten the distance with the developed areas.Because of information spillovers of technical knowledge has obvious nature of economic globalization and information revolution Xianghuzuoyong the process, contribute to different Quyu direct access to and use of this Waibu nature, a good knowledge of the direct sharing of the benefits of various technologies, can be fully used information and communication technology to achieve some form of catch up, so that the use of information technology areas of network libraries can be erected in the region and the world to share knowledge and information resources, reduce the knowledge, information bridge differences.

  • Missions of library

  • Libraries information literacy education is an important opportunity and way to across the information gap in underdeveloped areas. Less developed areas not only lack of knowledge and information resources, but also lack of information literacy education. How to guide the district library readers and users use the library, access to knowledge resources, using advanced technology, is a more important issue.

Practice and Exploration of Baoyuan Library

Library Baoyuan appearance is Tibetan, Chinese, Continental mixture of three architectural styles, with strong ethnic characteristics without losing the modern flavor, is the combination of traditional and period style architectural features. Memory publishing world culture, science and technology, religious and modern education, knowledge of books, pictures, maps for readers, several thousand copies of those tapes and discs for viewing audio-visual appreciation. More than 20 computers available to the reader to find the network data and information. Public meeting rooms equipped with very advanced features for the library staff with timely data and information.

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    Po Yuen, founder of Middle South, Mr. library now are using the library to compile the Tibetan Ci Hai


  • Since 2001 to June 2005 ,from planning to commence a formal approval, which lasted 5 years of hard efforts to run around and pouring, an area of more than 2900 square meters, construction area of 1100 square meters of the four floors of the Library in the snow-covered plateau uplift to the sky, Po Court Library (Tibetan Music Norlin) was completed in July 2007 15 kinds of language text containing more than 50,000 volumes of books, setting 20 sets of computers for the home people free of charge. Library construction funds and the purchase be funded from the Library resources believers worship the support and close the South Tibetan calligraphy art works themselves Sale section.

Experience and Inspiration

  • Baoyuan library development and their practical experience shows that the library requires to receive social recognition and support.Baoyuan Library was able to support the Government and the public be established, the library's publicity plays a very important role. Librarians and library advocates to expand advocacy and service to the community of potential library users and relevant government departments. Contact the public to develop a volunteer network of libraries, the community raised funds and solicit government support is critical to the success.

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    Baoyuan thought, librarian is a person who should be able to realize that when the readers and users need information and can effectively help the readers compliant access to information, assess information, and apply information to solve immediate problems.

  • Baoyuan Library gets the most important lesson from practice: is the key to improve library services is to improve the high-librarians of the overall quality.

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    Baoyuan Library librarians in comprehensive quality requirements should have the moral qualities, knowledge, professional competence and ability and quality.

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    Baoyuan Library asked librarians to understand the nation's values and culture, cultural heritage and better

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    Baoyuan Library asked librarians in professional ideas with innovation, the spirit of collaboration and dedication, etc.

  • Baoyuan Library is seeking job training, sending training, academic education and other means to participate in the network, train and build a library of high quality personnel to serve readers and users a full range of knowledge services

  • Innovative concept models of information literacy education

    Construction of Knowledge Innovation for information education alliance system


Scientific planning, to ensure the effective implementation of the training

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  • Concluding Remarks

    Network is a new force of equal opportunity, less developed regions should rely on it to seize the opportunity to timely follow-up economic and technological, social and development needs, give full play to the cornerstone of the community library in the district role in bridging the urban and rural areas between the development and utilization of information resources and user information literacy education gap


To Bao Yuan library development, for example, can be combined local public libraries, university libraries, school libraries and nonprofit organizations all forces, or even turn to libraries developed areas, through the joint, looking for libraries Information Age to enhance the reader the best model for information literacy education to address information gaps, Rang library construction, information services and gradually into the national innovation system, as an important component of modern Chinese society, play knowledge, information centers, the role.

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Change in this ongoing era of globalization, the world is getting smaller, more interdependent, through extensive contacts with participation, whether individual or collective action to achieve the following objectives: 1, maintaining and strengthening the community, care and services and other humanitarian values; 2, each person as a member of the community, can enjoy the rights and fulfill their obligations, and can be life-long learning and growth, realize their full potential; 3, to eliminate differences, enhance communication, allow us to live in a healthy and sustainable development of society, work together to develop innovative, to meet the challenges we face together, shaping our common future, we, human beings have the power to change the world!

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